October 3rd, 2011

Update – Help Send Lisa to Rising Star Outreach in India

See new way to donate at link below!


Hello Friends!   My name is Lisa. I have been a long time fan of David and love helping out on causes he cares about. One pf them spoke to my heart over and over again. I can’t watch a video without crying. That is Rising Star Outreach.

I’m raising funds for a very special cause and need your help to attain my goal. I am raising money to go help in India.You can purchase or renew subscriptions to your favorite magazines (like People, All You, TIME and Sports Illustrated) at up to 85% off, or enjoy exclusive offers on delicious cookie dough and Restaurant.com eCertificates.Each time you make a purchase, I’ll receive up to 40%. You can also support me by sharing this page and spreading the word to friends and family.Thank You!
Peace Love and Music
Lisa M

To make a donation, click here!   (New link to donate!)

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