November 8th, 2012

Rainbow Sneak Peek 2.0 — Woo-hoo!

David Archuleta‏@DavidArchie
We all need “a little’ Rainbow right now. Here is a preview of the Rainbow MV —> (KS)


What else can I d but do this…

And look who is giving David some props!

@OnAirWithRyan: @DavidArchie gives fans sneak peek at new music vid ‘Rainbow 2.0’! Who missed d @AmericanIdol alum?

Love Seacrest for doing this. Me thinks he is also missing Archie :)

Are we REALLY ready for Rainbow Remix?

ps: Am supposed to finish a major report – it’s a bit technical… and now David unleashes this? NOW??!!!! How am I… I just want to… Heck, you think my boss won’t mind if I print my report in rainbow colored stationery? (goes back to replay video…)

ps2: Another sneak peek from @jondaza

jon daza ‏@JonDaza
Who wants this?

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