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Tuesday, December 13th, 2011 by

Recapping Verona:

When Marlie asked me to contribute a recap of the Verona, New York performance at the Turning Stone Resort & Casino, I knew that it would be quite a challenge to write for several reasons. Over the past week, fans have excitedly and sometimes struggled to put their impressions of this tour’s Christmas concerts into words. It has been a delight to read each fan’s different perspectives that focus on various aspects of David’s performances and the entire concert experience. I will not repeat what others have already said, only to mention that I, too, was left speechless by the power of the performances. Now, a week after my concert, I am […]

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Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 by

Gilbert’s Constitution Week USA Concert

Nearly two weeks ago, I left the chilly early autumn and traveled to Phoenix to see David perform at the suburb’s annual Constitution Week USA (formerly known as Gilbert Constitution Week). Phoenix is always otherworldly to me. I have visited the neighboring suburb of Tempe multiple times, but because I did not grow up in Phoenix, its architecture all looks the same and the seemingly endless suburban landscape makes me feel miniscule. Although I am well-traveled in other countries, I remain rather poorly traveled in the Southwestern American states. I looked forward to again visiting Phoenix, even if only for a very short time. My previous concert travel to Myrtle Beach in […]

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Thursday, September 15th, 2011 by

Why Do Archuleta Fans Care So Much?

Recently, I borrowed Pamela Pike’s new book, Through Our Eyes: A Fan’s Perspective on Artist David Archueta, from a friend and was pleasantly surprised when the book’s first chapter introduced the concept of parasocial interaction theory. As Pike writes, “Individuals develop a relationship with celebrities, just as they would with people in a real community. Except the celebrities are not a part of the person’s life; thus the relationship is called a para-social relationship. This para-social relationship is the key to understanding the fan-celebrity phenomenon” (p. 5). As a media studies researcher, it is not often that I encounter a psychological or communication theory in a non-academic book. Pike discusses the […]

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Thursday, June 2nd, 2011 by

An Evening of Joy

  When my local concert buddies first invited me to fly to Myrtle Beach to attend David’s concert this past Saturday, my initial reaction was that flying to a concert seemed like a very extravagant thing to do. I reasoned that I could stay home, write, read, putter in the garden, and just watch the videos online. Luckily, my friends’ sense of fun and even reason prevailed, and I booked a flight to Myrtle Beach.  As soon as I boarded the flight, I knew I had made the right decision. It is always great fun to unabashedly discuss David’s music with fellow fans. By now, many readers have watched videos from the concert […]

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Wednesday, February 17th, 2010 by

Welcome JR to the TDC Admin Team

Do you know whose AVI this is? For a long time now, Jackryan4Da, otherwise knows as JR, has been an integral part of this site, keeping the concert pages updated almost as fast as the videos appeared on YouTube. Through thick and thin she has been here, working and commenting, creating media files and sharing her incredible ability to sniff out the best videos and audios with us. Recently, JR accepted an invitation to be a part of our Admin Team and will be writing for us in the near future as well. We look forward to having her join us. She has been an active commenter since the NotingDavid days, and […]

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Friday, February 12th, 2010 by

A TDC Manifesto

THE DAVID CHRONICLES IS… A place where there are no hard rules on what may or may not be discussed. The musical, spiritual, personal, social, and political aspects of David are all open for comments. A refuge for those who have otherwise felt overly restricted elsewhere. Individuals are encouraged to express their love for David in their own manner, while being tolerant of the expression of others who may do so quite differently. A place to champion David, but also to critically analyze his work and his business organization, to enjoy the occasional joke at his expense or the OTT remark about his physical appeal. And so this declaration ends. Now on to the […]

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Thursday, December 24th, 2009 by

Feliz Navidad!

Happy Holidays TDCers! From all of the admins to all the readers, lurkers and commenters of TDC, we wish you a wonderful holiday!  Please know that we value each and every one of you for all the different voices and viewpoints that you bring. The fan communities have had their ups and downs, and more than a bit of drama this year, but dang it, the charm and the mesmerizing Voice of our favorite guy is still strong as we close out the year 2009. In this season of love and light, perhaps we all can simply be grateful that we have been lucky enough to have been touched by this […]

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Tuesday, December 15th, 2009 by

Our Many Voices, One Inspiration

My recent trek to Chicago through the winter weather on Friday to attend David’s Waukegan concert was unusual for me. At most of my recent concerts, I went as an active blogger. I spent a lot of time at past concerts gathering information about David’s career and updating myself on happenings across the fan sites. This time, however, I purposely attended the concert as a much more low-key fan. I passed on the VIP opportunity to briefly meet David again and instead went with several fellow fans to quietly enjoy an evening of music. Downtown Waukegan, where the concert took place, is part of a collection of northern Chicago lakeshore communities that […]

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Saturday, September 5th, 2009 by

Where Did the Last 4 Days Go?

Sometime yesterday, Friday, September 4th, one of the sites hosted on the same server as TDC got hacked. This was part of what appears to be a series of attacks on WordPress sites that have occurred over the past several days (sites which have not been upgraded are apparently much more vulnerable; TDC was upgraded two weeks ago, the site that was hacked had not been upgraded). In an effort to restore that site, our host organization offered to do a server restore back to August 31st. What they failed to explain to us is that the restore would affect all the sites hosted on that server, not just the site […]

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Tuesday, August 18th, 2009 by

Short Take:

Last night in Grand Rapids, I (Freofan) had the privilege of giving David a memory book on behalf of The David Chronicles. The book itself is small and about five pages in length. It includes a collection of photos from Ashlee’s recent visit for the past few weeks. The photos were taken and collected by fans (I attributed the photos in the book if I had the info). I am sharing photos of the book’s pages with you. It was fun to make and to deliver the book in person. I found this rubber-stamped verse (below) at the craft store and thought it was perfect for David’s friendship with Ashlee. I […]

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