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Sunday, November 8th, 2009 by

My Magic Moment

The Diamond Ballroom was flooded with people waiting in line to meet and greet David Archuleta on his last stop on the summer tour. Fortunately the line of 100+ fans moved quickly because David had to greet each of us and be onstage in less than an hour. It didn’t give me much time to gather my thoughts as I stood in line, but still the anticipation was unnerving. After waiting for what seemed like forever, to finally see THE VOICE up close was exhilarating. We all know that David is a feast for the eyes, but it was very apparent that he’s so much more. Gracious, kind and respectful as he honored each fan who came to greet him and listened […]

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Friday, July 24th, 2009 by

The ArchuDictionary – A Work in Progress!

It’s way past time to compile the unauthorized, unabridged and unadorned ArchuDictionary. It’s been a long time coming and since we’re already talking the talk let’s see if we can walk the walk to give the words the recognition they deserve. I picked up some of them from TDC posts, found a few others here and there and mixed them up with a couple of my own. Archucommand – noun – an order given by The Archulator. There have been two, thus far: “SING IT!”, during “My Hands” and “Gimme it!” (as in “Give me it!”), during “Crush”. Archudomination – noun – a movement that is taking over the world, in which one by one, people drop like flies and […]

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