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Thursday, November 26th, 2009 by


But seriously… We are such a fortunate bunch here at TDC, ever grateful and appreciative that we have the DNA structure or whatever the heck it is that enables us to “get” David, and appreciate him in all of his gorgeous and uplifting awesomeage. It’s hard to believe that this is our second Thanksgiving together.  But here we are, still laughing, weeping, thuding, exalting and whoo-hoo-hooting for “our guy”!  OK, sometimes we’ve gotten a bit at odds, here and there, but hey! …what’s a little disagreement amongst extended family members?  The many and varied flavors are what makes the stuffing spicy! So here’s a toast to you, David—a sparkling cider, perhaps?!—and to your […]

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Saturday, September 5th, 2009 by

The Orange Voice

Recently David tweeted about a dream in which he was riding in an orange car that kept breaking down. (And that it was irritating!) This cryptic sketch of his innermost thoughts reminded me of the poem I wrote some months back, which you see above. I found it so intriguing that his subconscious chose the color orange for his vehicle, it’s such a powerful color. It’s the color of success, creativity, passion, freedom and independence. It’s about action and achieving one’s goals. Metaphysically, it is the color of the second chakra. Having his last three shows canceled was not something within his control, and this dream sounds […]

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Saturday, July 11th, 2009 by


As I was reading David’s recent blog entry, I stopped in the middle and thought to myself, this is so amazing – I’m reading a letter from this preposterously talented, successful guy who’s out on tour traveling thousands of miles, working on two albums and spending time with his cousins, and he’s writing a letter to me. Okay, you might have gotten a copy of it too, but really, how many years has it been since I wrote a letter even half that long to a family member or even a friend, much less someone I don’t even know? I think I need more fingers and toes to calculate […]

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Friday, March 20th, 2009 by

It’s an Inside Job

It’s a marvel the world keeps spinning Sometimes I wonder how The angels must be winning In spite of what we humans still allow. What passes for a good idea Just amazes me And how it’s wrapped and sold to us Is simply trickery. And along comes David, So beautiful to see Captivating audiences from sea to shining sea! But look into those eyes, my friend And look into them deep You’ll see that it’s an inside job And he intends to keep…. Our souls together, whole Wrapped up in a fleecy All snuggly in his heart Wherein we share his peace. Yup, it’s an inside job Within that outer beauty Laughing ‘cross the stage he goes Shaking his little booty! And you can laugh at me, you see It really doesn’t matter If I’m the […]

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