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Jennifer Barry was inspired to make a promo video for Christmas From The Heart. Jennifer – thanks for sharing this with us. <3

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Oh My – New Photos! Wed, 22 Jul 2009 00:49:19 +0000 davidgrin

No one takes photos of David like Jennifer Barry!  She can really capture the joy, the intensity, the exuberance of the live performance. She has some fresh new photos of the Las Vegas and Seattle shows.  To view them, go to Jennifer Barry photos.

Enjoy!  And thanks Jennifer, for sharing these with the fans!

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The Jennifer Barry Photobook Fri, 10 Jul 2009 05:06:16 +0000 jennifer-barry-img_4493

David has been a true inspiration to me this past year.  I have always had a passion for photography but had kind of put in on the “shelf” so to speak, after my son was born. Yes, I took pictures of my son, but the creativity in photo taking had lost its edge. When I met David last year at the meet-n-greet before the concert, I had only brought my small point and shoot and used that to take the photos (specifically the “archugaze” shot and “bible” shot) that ended up being shown on fan site after fan site, more spec. I was very shocked to see the photos I had taken of David being loved by so many fans.

When I saw David at the AI Finale concert in Tulsa, OK, I was blessed and very very lucky to get 3rd row, next to the cat walk. I had never had an opportunity to take concert shots as I never had seats close to the stage. I had no idea what quality my photos would be of David as it was my first time to take photos like this of David. An angel above must have blessed me that night, as I was fortunate to take some pretty good pictures that even impressed me and I am a HUGE critic of my photos.

Because of all these photos I have taken and shared with all of David’s fans, I have had the amazing opportunity to meet so many people personally and via the web who share the same views as me and love David the same as me. This book represents how David rejuventated the photographic “spark” in me. It was my goal, through this book, to show David the photos I have taken of him through his AI Tour this past year to headlining his own tour and I wanted to simply show him the photos that have made so  many people happy, including me.

I truly believe I have been blessed because my photos are meant for all the fans to enjoy through their personal means and also so that my photos could help the many charities close to David. In no way do I think my photos of David are better than any other fans, I just wanted David to know how much it has meant to me that he helped rekindle my love for photography. I hope this book is something David and his family can look back on for years to come and know that David is and will always be David.

– Jennifer Barry

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