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Sunday, November 29th, 2009 by

A Tale of Two Concerts

The moment the plane touched down in Salt Lake City I saw in the background the majestic, snow covered mountains.  I was now filled with excitement for the grand occasions to unfold.  Friends were making sure that I had arrived safely and that there were people close by to meet with in the morning. The following afternoon, we entered Abravanel Hall and attended a most enjoyable VIP.  We spent time with David at the sound check where he introduced for the first time the amazing songs “Fields of Gold” and “The Riddle”.  Both songs were to be kept a surprise for the evening concert.  Enormous Christmas balls hung from […]

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Wednesday, June 17th, 2009 by

Elvis and David

Without a Song, The Day would Never End: Elvis Aaron Presley When World War II finally ended in 1945, Elvis Aaron Presley was 10 years old. This shy musical prodigy won a singing contest at the Mississippi-Alabama Fair. His prize? Five dollars and free tickets to the rides. Elvis was considered to be a well-mannered, quiet boy who was close to his mother. Music was his consuming passion before he was a teenager. His religious faith was also a defining and enduring influence. Although many people were still living close to the last military base where they were posted during the war, many were looking forward to establishing new lives after the […]

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