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Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009 by

A Perfect Storm”>httpv:// A perfect storm in nature occurs when there is a simultaneous occurrence of events, which by themselves would be less powerful than the storm that results from their chance combination. I will use this euphemism to describe David’s vocal performances on this summer tour. Although Demi Lovato has complained of vocal strain this summer, the same cannot be said of David because his vocal training enables him to sing without undue strain on his vocal cords. David’s brush with vocal cord paralysis have been part of his resume ever since we saw his first American Idol audition. David’s vocal coach, Dean Kaelin, has described David’s trials and the vocal techniques David used to […]

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Sunday, May 17th, 2009 by

The Candy Man

Who can take the sunlight, sprinkle it with dew, Cover it with chocolate and a miracle or two…. The Candy Man can… Prologue: Anatomy of an attraction David Archuleta seems to possess one attribute above everything else that stands him in good stead no matter the occasion. A high likeability factor. While this observation is nothing new to anyone who has observed David or crossed paths with him since he burst onto the music scene, what makes it remarkable at all is its penetrating and lingering power. First Inklings It started innocently enough when we were introduced to a fresh-faced young singer named David Archuleta during the early audition stages of American Idol Season 7. […]

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Thursday, March 12th, 2009 by

Don’t Let Go!

It is a known fact that behind every work of art, literature or music, there is usually an underlying theme or premise upon which an artist hinges his/her body of work. While on the surface most performers in music can produce a theme-based album, for the most part it is either limited to the title of the artist, in which case all we get is a reflection of their personal taste in music, or a main title track. In the case of David Archuleta, I believe his music straddles two ideals – physical and spiritual. In his self-titled debut album, to the casual listener, it is made glaringly obvious on a […]

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