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Saturday, April 10th, 2010 by

Control and Release

I began writing this article before I knew that David was scheduled to appear on this week’s Idol results show. The premise of the article was that perhaps the recent relative quiet in Archuland was a time for reflection, and may have been serving as such even for David himself. I speculated the possibility that, in the two-year period since David found himself winning the largest television audience in the world and courting some of the most devoted fans on the planet, he may not yet have had a real opportunity to unpack what had actually happened to him. One learns (perhaps most) in the doing, […]

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Sunday, April 4th, 2010 by

Think of Me: Studio Version

I haven’t written much about the studio recordings because for the most part I don’t really like them. They rotate the kids through the studio as quickly as they can and it always sounds it. The cuts from a technical standpoint are generally professional (although some of my audio engineering colleagues have even questioned that aspect), but they invariably feel rushed and incomplete from an artistic standpoint. You can’t really win with this Idol set up: The live performances are better but too brief, while the studio performances are longer but fall far short of their potential. In David’s case, my feeling has […]

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Sunday, October 18th, 2009 by

Follow The Voice

The human dilemma has always been our innate sense of perfection combined with a vivid awareness of our distance from it: our knowledge of the fall from grace, to put it in the vernacular of this album’s topic. There are those for whom an analysis of the proximity to perfection only emphasizes the curse of our distance from it, and those for whom it emphasizes the blessing of our having a sense of perfection in the first place. I am in the latter category. I tend to notice what’s missing. I undertake a critical analysis of Christmas From the Heart also because it represents, according to all reports (including […]

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Sunday, July 5th, 2009 by

Respecting David

It is no secret that at certain times in certain quarters, certain factions of the fan base can allow their hormones to get the best of them and express in commentary certain, shall we say, observations and interests regarding David. Physical appeal is a significant and legitimate aspect of many popular performers, and when it accompanies truly remarkable talent, it is virtually impossible to discount the power of the total, well, package. It would be senseless and unnatural to make a pretense of avoiding the obvious sensuality that attractive performers embody, but in public commentary tone matters. Tone — that somewhat elusive synthesis of language, attitude and intent — makes the […]

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More Than Inspiration
Friday, June 26th, 2009 by

More Than Inspiration

Being the slightly obsessed Archie that I am, one of my first thoughts upon hearing of the death of Michael Jackson was concern for David. How would he manage having to be onstage just hours after learning of the death of one of his icons, a primary source of his own musical inspiration? I was gratified to see, this morning, that David not only powered through his performance last night, but also shared a moment of tribute to Michael and sympathy for his family. I also got to thinking that Michael probably represented for David considerably more than musical inspiration alone, significant as that might be. Even if it was […]

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Thursday, June 11th, 2009 by

Being Balladeer

It’s hard not to feel protective or defensive of an artist about whom you feel so passionate. It’s also hard not to make comparisons, almost always a misguided proposition. That’s why when Adam Lambert appeared on the cover of Entertainment Weekly toward the end of the season eight American Idol competition as the crown certain, I couldn’t help but feel a little tweaked that David hadn’t gotten similar press love when he was in precisely the same position. But then again, I quickly told myself, EW never liked David. Or, more accurately, never got David. Neither do I put much credence in the opinions of that publication anyway; the editorial staff […]

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Wednesday, June 10th, 2009 by

From the Archives

There is a treasure-trove of goodies in the archives. Articles from both notingDavid (a solo blog that was active for a year) and justDavid (a group blog that formed when notingDavid rested) can be found here at The David Chronicles. Go to the black navigation bar at the top of the page and click on “Columnists” to search for archived articles by author. Click on “Profiles” or the other categories listed in the navigation bar to search by subject. Here is a popular archived article by Rascal from last November. Enjoy, and let this also be an invitation to peruse the archives of The David Chronicles for other […]

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A Memorial Day Tribute
Monday, May 25th, 2009 by

A Memorial Day Tribute″>It’s Somebody Out There (originally posted Janury 9, 2009 on notingDavid) It might be impossible to say too much about this song, or else maybe words are entirely insufficient. David’s work is best appreciated, in my opinion, with as few accompanying flourishes as possible. David thrives in simplicity because his voice encompasses the universe. All the extras only get in the way. Without taking anything away from the successes on the rest of the release, I have to confess that this is the only cut that has been as fresh and as moving to me on the 200th play as it was on the first. It is a truly beautiful piece. By way […]

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Wednesday, April 8th, 2009 by

David 1.0

David may be a born singer, but unlike many other young, aspiring talents, David is not a born performer. Quite the contrary. As a child, his shyness and humility required that he be coaxed and cajoled into singing for small groups of relatives and friends, and slowly but surely in front of increasingly larger crowds. In fairly short order, those crowds became multitudes, and David’s audience today is global and growing. It is an interesting irony that someone who was at first so audience-shy is so responsive to the live performance setting. No producer has yet gotten near to extracting in the studio what David is capable of onstage. In the […]

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Friday, February 13th, 2009 by

UK Tour with McFly

McFly guitarist Danny Jones   Now this looks like a good fit. A credible, successful, talented London pop-punk band formed in 2004 and already on its sixth album, McFly’s reputation is “not just a boy band” but one with “serious musical skills” and “genuine likability” that has also proved themselves to be endlessly charitable: They have recorded songs for Comic Relief, Sport Relief, and a double A-side release in aid of Children in Need. They consistently get better reviews from concert-goers and listeners than from critics, who tend to temper their enthusiasm because the band produces “innocuous pop songs that mums are just as likely to love as their teen daughters.” Sound familiar?! Europe will do […]

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