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Thursday, May 28th, 2009 by

Full Circle

Being the crazy ODD Idol fan that I am, the recent season 8 finale got me thinking about what has transpired in the life and career of David Archuleta since that fateful night, almost a year ago, when he came in second to David Cook during the 7th season of American Idol. Performances and appearances number in the hundreds since then, and there have been a number of moments that have been game changers. AI Tour Summer 2008 This annual tour takes the finalists across America. Since David had already signed a record contract, not only was he touring, he was recording every chance that he got for his […]

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Wednesday, April 8th, 2009 by

David 1.0

David may be a born singer, but unlike many other young, aspiring talents, David is not a born performer. Quite the contrary. As a child, his shyness and humility required that he be coaxed and cajoled into singing for small groups of relatives and friends, and slowly but surely in front of increasingly larger crowds. In fairly short order, those crowds became multitudes, and David’s audience today is global and growing. It is an interesting irony that someone who was at first so audience-shy is so responsive to the live performance setting. No producer has yet gotten near to extracting in the studio what David is capable of onstage. In the […]

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Friday, April 3rd, 2009 by

End-of-Tour Blues

Since we first heard the rumblings of a solo tour, we have wondered what a David Archuleta tour would be. We worried about the type of venue. We pondered whether said venues would be suitable for our burgeoning star. We fretted over mosh pits. Questioned whether to mosh or not to mosh. Whether to throw caution to the wind and fly cross country to see one more show. Once the tour started, we wondered whether the critics would be fair. We wondered whether he would be able to endure such a whirlwind tour, his first solo tour ever. Most of all we probably wished, wondered, […]

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Sunday, March 29th, 2009 by

The Finale

How long has it been? It’s been said that David is a quick learner, and apparently this quality also extends to his performance skills. I’ve been gone from these boards about 3 months, but it seems as if he has benefited from the experience of several years. As some of you may know, I have not been around these parts in a while. I have been tending to my Archuholism as I try to focus on law school and political work. I was actually supposed to write on the Reno performance, but was called back at the last minute to be part of a candidates debate at UC-Berkeley. Frazzled and flummoxed, I […]

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Saturday, March 28th, 2009 by

Brief Notes from Utah

You will find here a variety of views and reviews of the Solo Tour final stop that will be posted throughout the day. Keep checking back! E-Center, Friday, March 27, 2009. from davidfanLIZ – I made lemonade out of rather lousy seats and enjoyed looking at the whole spectacle from afar. Can you picture looking down on 8000 people jumping to Zero Gravity? David was intense throughout the show and gave every song his all. He jumped and stomped and hunkered. He sang both My Hand and Your Eyes Don’t Lie, and I got to hear the whistling live for the first time! My first AI show […]

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Friday, March 27th, 2009 by

Salt Lake City – March 27, 2009

TOUCH MY HAND – more complete intro (thanks to brett337) TOUCH MY HAND (thanks to almostround9) TOUCH MY HAND (thanks to mcamy1) TOUCH MY HAND (thanks to StarryNites) BARRIERS – taking vids w/ fans(thanks to brett337) BARRIERS – upclose & personal(thanks to genevievewang) BARRIERS (thanks to StarryNites) ALTNOY (thanks to brett337) ALTNOY – incl of pix taking w/ audience (thanks to StarryNites) ALTNOY – upclose & personal (thanks to genevievewang) ALTNOY – closer (thanks to almostround9) MY HANDS (thanks to brett337) MY HANDS – upclose & personal! (thanks to genevievewang) SOMEBODY OUT THERE – upclose & personal! (thanks to genevievewang) SOMEBODY OUT THERE – better video (thanks to ebayrae) SOMEBODY OUT THERE – closer (thanks to almostround9) WORKS FOR ME!close-up alert!(thanks to brett337) WORKS FOR ME! – […]

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Tuesday, March 24th, 2009 by

St. George, March 24, 2009

TOUCH MY HANDS (thanks to mamezamd) TOUCH MY HANDS (thanks to chiedunkwocha) BARRIERS (thanks to mamezamd) BARRIERS (thanks to pence50) ALTNOY (thanks to mamezamd) SOMEBODY OUT THERE (thanks to mamezamd) SOMEBODY OUT THERE (thanks to azac460) MY HANDS (thanks to mamezamd) WORKS FOR ME! (thanks to zerogravity111A) WAITING FOR YESTERDAY (thanks to mamezamd) WAITING FOR YESTERDAY (thanks to chiedunkwocha) MEDLEY: I’M YOURS (thanks to azac460) MEDLEY: I’M YOURS (thanks to subwayummy) COMO LA FLOR (thanks to mamezamd) COMO LA FLOR (thanks to zerogravity111A) DON’T LET GO (thanks to mamezamd)

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Monday, March 23rd, 2009 by

Pocatello, ID – March 23, 2009

TOUCH MY HANDS (thanks to 4jess30) BARRIERS (thanks to ShellyFOD) BARRIERS (thanks to TheDarkYear1) BARRIERS (thanks to 4jess30) ALTNOY (thanks to TheDarkYear1) ALTNOY (thanks to 4jess30) SOMEBODY OUT THERE (thanks to ShellyFOD) SOMEBODY OUT THERE (thanks to TheDarkYear1) SOMEBODY OUT THERE (thanks to 4jess30) WORKS FOR ME (thanks to 4jess30) WAITING FOR YESTERDAY (thanks to ShellyFOD) MEDLEY COMPLETE (thanks to 4jess30) MEDLEY: ONE – part 1 (thanks to ShellyFOD) MEDLEY: ONE – part 2 (thanks to ShellyFOD) MEDLEY: LOVE SONG (thanks to ninasmom97) MEDLEY: I’M YOURS (thanks to ninasmom97) TO BE WITH YOU (thanks to ninasmom97) COMO LA FLOR (thanks to ShellyFOD) DON’T LET GO (thanks to TheDarkYear1) DON’T LET GO (thanks to tileedn) ZERO GRAVITY (thanks to ShellyFOD) ZERO GRAVITY (thanks to ninasmom97) YOU CAN (thanks to ShellyFOD) CRUSH (thanks to ninasmom97) ATM (thanks to 4jess30) ATM (thanks to ninasmom97) ANGELS (thanks to kmw226)

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Saturday, March 21st, 2009 by

Boise, ID – March 21, 2009

  TOUCH MY HAND (thanks to ShelleyFOD) BARRIERS (thanks to ShelleyFOD) BARRIERS (thanks to  VWilliams1231) ALTNOY – incl the Leslie hug & pix taking (thanks to  VWilliams1231) SOMEBODY OUT THERE (thanks to ShelleyFOD) SOMEBODY OUT THERE (thanks to VWilliams1231) SOMEBODY OUT THERE (thanks to chocolatebar5130) MY HANDS (thanks to VWilliams1231) WORKS FOR ME! (thanks to VWilliams1231) WAITING FOR YESTERDAY (thanks to VWilliams1231) WAITING FOR YESTERDAY (thanks to ShelleyFOD) MEDLEY & BAND INTRO (thanks to VWilliams1231) MEDLEY (thanks to chocolatebar5130) MEDLEY: ONE- close-up (thanks to ShelleyFOD) MEDLEY: LOVE SONG & I’M YOURS (thanks to BoiseAuntie ) TO BE WITH YOU (thanks to VWilliams1231) TO BE WITH YOU- close-up (thanks to ShelleyFOD) TO BE WITH YOU (thanks to BoiseAuntie) COMO LA FLOR (thanks to ShelleyFOD) COMO LA FLOR (thanks to VWilliams1231) DON’T LET GO (thanks to ShelleyFOD) DON’T LET GO (thanks to 123clicks) ZERO GRAVITY (thanks to ShelleyFOD) ZERO GRAVITY (thanks to VWilliams1231) YOU CAN (thanks to ShelleyFOD) YOU CAN (thanks to VWilliams1231) CRUSH (thanks to […]

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Friday, March 20th, 2009 by

Idaho Falls, March 20, 2009

Touch My Hand (thanks to StarryNites01) Barriers (thanks to StarryNites01) ALTNOY (thanks to StarryNites01) Somebody Out There – extreme close-up alert! (thanks to genevievewang) My Hands (thanks to StarryNites01) Works For Me! (thanks to genevievewang) Waiting For Yesterday (thanks to StarryNites01) Medley (thanks to StarryNites01) To Be With You – extreme close-up alert! (thanks to genevievewang) Como La Flor (thanks to StarryNites01) Don’t Let Go (thanks to StarryNites01) Zero Gravity (thanks to StarryNites01) You Can (thanks to StarryNites01) Crush (thanks to StarryNites01) ATM – close-up alert! (thanks to genevievewang) Angels (thanks to Susanna0825)

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