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@DavidArchie Goes Gospel – A Snippet Wed, 24 Sep 2014 06:27:12 +0000 redeemer HL pic cropped

Is anyone really surprised? That David’s 1st offering since he came back from his Mission belongs to the Gospel genre?

Am sure some Archies are further wondering whether this will be the direction David will take from now on and forget about his pop roots and more commercial beginnings.

For me? Am just excited to hear his voice on record. And you know what am more thrilled of? The Nashville connection!


Granted that this Nashville Band is actually a Mormon music group founded by Jason Deere and Dan Truman, the pianist of the popular country group Diamond Rio (Source: Wikipedia), am still excited of the prospect of David leaning over Nashville artists. I have a good feeling he will come to his own in that creative space.

Now, I understand a lot of Archies are having trouble playing the snippet over at iTunes, so I put up the YT version for everyone’s convenience.


Tell us what you think of David’s new sound.

~ JR

ps: I know I have been away… Work and hopefully a new work in the near horizon is what has kept me at bay. Anw, I hope to be back now on a regular basis :)

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@DavidArchie’s MV: EVERYBODY HURTS Thu, 23 Aug 2012 02:33:11 +0000

From the official YT channel —

David performs the REM classic “Everybody Hurts” with an orchestra which includes producer Kurt Bestor. The shots of David were recorded in a studio the day before he left on his mission.

“I hope you know that I never wanted to leave you guys without music, and will continue when I get back.” – David Archuleta

BEGIN. now available at iTunes and at Deseret Book

Here is the music video!

Tissues all?

~ jackryan4DA

ps: The image above is a partial image of a file from the OS. Here is the full image – it’s a beauty!


ps3: A ringing endorsement for BEGIN. from the critical few :)

David Archuleta has covered “Somewhere Only We Know” on his new album “Begin”. I personally love his cover! I…

@pastelpastel I think its amazing! I have always been a big @davidarchie fan myself so I was thrilled to see he covered it! He’s got taste!

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BEGIN. Vlog & a Photo Contest Fri, 20 Jul 2012 01:11:53 +0000


The Vlog p1!


The Vlog p2!


The Vlog p3!


The Vlog p4!


The Vlog p5!


The Vlog p6!

OS launches a BEGIN. Photo Contest

To celebrate the launch of David’s new album BEGIN., we invite you to submit a photograph to a special contest to win prizes! You can send in any photo that represents the theme or idea of BEGIN. to you so long as it meets the rules below. Example photos might include newborn babies, seedlings, kittens, first day of school, etc. Three “Staff Favorite” photos will earn their owners VIP t-shirts and bags from the “My Kind of Christmas” tour, and the sender of the top photo will also receive a photograph autographed by David! All accepted photos will be displayed in a gallery on, with credit given to the owners.

Contest Rules: Each person may submit only one photo. Each entered photo must be owned by the person who submits it. We will check to ensure that photos are original; participants who submit photos that are not their original work will be disqualified. Photos must NOT contain the image of David Archuleta or his name in them. Photos must be a minimum size of 400 by 600 pixels.

Send your photos to by August 14, 2012 with your name and location, as well as a title or short description of your photo. Winners will be chosen and and notified via email shortly after that date. Photos will be added to the gallery as they are accepted so get yours in early for the most views! retains the right to reject any photo submission that is deemed inappropriate.



Note: Because of the popularity of this contest, we had to create a new email address to handle submissions. If you sent your photo to and got a “mailbox full” warning, you should send it again to Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for supporting David and BEGIN.


So what are you waiting for?! Get those cam working and submit ASAP!

ps: some snapshots of our most-missed young man :)

@kurtbestor posted this “end of project” pic on his FB:

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David Archuleta: BEGIN. Snippet Heaven Here Sun, 08 Jul 2012 01:12:04 +0000

Snippet Heaven Here!

The Mothership was kind enough to provide an easier embeddable soundcloud player. Make sure you share your comments on the OS. BTW, did you notice, we now have 5 snippets now? – ANGEL and BSMS is up!

For mobile device users – This soundcloud link will play all 5 snippets on repeat! HERE Enjoy!

A Note on Highway Records

So the BEGIN. will be released by Highway Records, formerly known as Lightwave Records, is a subsidiary of Shadow Mountain . Wiki indicates…

Excel Entertainment Group
On November 15, 2004, Deseret Book announced that it had acquired Excel Entertainment Group, a 10-year old company particularly known for its LDS cinema productions and record labels (Highway Records, Embryo Records, Joyspring Records). Jeff Simpson, the founder and president of Excel, became the merged company’s new executive vice president. Both companies are privately held, so terms of the deal were not publicly released. However, Deseret Book management assures that it will take a hands-off approach to managing Excel. Although some Excel employees were relocated to Shadow Mountain music at Deseret Book headquarters, most remained at the separate Excel headquarters in Salt Lake City. Shortly after the merger between the two record labels, many of the recording artists on the new Shadow Mountain label were dropped from their contract.[4]

This is such a cool GIF from iheartarchie:

~ JR

ps: Reposting the promo videos I made for the 1st 3 clips


ps2: We are halfway through! Here’s the promo vid for the 5 clips!




ps5: BEAUTIFUL promo vid

And since we are on the topic of beautiful…

ps6: BROKEN promo vid


Full Page of BEGIN @ LDS Living cr @Archugeezer

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Archuleta & Bestor Team Up for New CD Fri, 20 Apr 2012 03:41:16 +0000

BTS Recording US album cr kari



SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – David Archuleta made his television debut on Star Search in 2003 at age 12. The following year, he performed on ABC 4’s “Good Things Utah”. He then went on to compete on “American Idol” where he finished 2nd.

Now, ABC 4 has some big news for fans of the young singer.

Even though he’s begun his LDS mission, we’ve learned he’s cut a new album with a very well known musical producer.

The producer’s name is Kurt Bestor, another beloved Utah artist.

Bestor told ABC 4 that he’s been busy co-producing Archuleta’s newest album. “We were frantic to get it all done before he went on his LDS mission,” Bestor said.

Archuleta is believed to have been assigned to a South American mission in Chile.

Bestor says the two worked together right up until the night before Archuleta left.

“I have to say I was a little hesitant to do it,” Bestor admitted, “but now that I have had a chance to work with him for that intense three weeks. The kid’s amazing.”

Bestor says the result will be an 11 song CD to be released in June or July.

Bestor, a Grammy nominated musician, says it will contain amazing songs, ones that people will know and love.

“The kid is really kind of a phenom and I don’t think people really realize it.”

And while Bestor may not have meant to, he did let one the name of one Archuleta song slip out. “I just did a version of ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’…Oops! That’s on the new album, David Archuleta. Nobody knows that.”

Now, to see our entire interview with Kurt Bestor – and the rest of his comments about David Archuleta – tune in to “On the Record.”

It airs Sunday morning at 7:30 right here on ABC 4.

Complete Interview of Kurt Bestor Talking About Working w/ David Archuelta on his New CD

PART 1/3

NOTE: Parts 2 & 3 did not talk about David so I won’t be uploading them to YT anymore. I uploaded them just the same cos others have been requesting, hehe

PART 2/3

PART 3/3

More Photos of DA from Kurt posted 08 Apr

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Forevermore Album Now on iTunes! Thu, 19 Apr 2012 00:09:37 +0000

Woo-hoo! You can click on the image or HERE to bring you to the iTunes page :)

Forevermore Album is on iTunes Worldwide, thanks to the efforts of @IvoryMusicVideo

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Forevermore Album: An Ear- & Eye-gasm Fri, 23 Mar 2012 13:03:34 +0000

From Forevermore album liner notes to fans:

“Thank you for letting me try new things, and supporting me through it all. The journey would not exist without the relationship I’ve made with all of you. What you all do has exceeded beyond my imagination when it comes to the love and support you can show, and it means the world.”


Dying to hear it, right?
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Parachutes and Airplanes Mon, 08 Nov 2010 11:57:21 +0000

The roller coaster ride that is TOSOD continues when you listen to the 7th cut of this album, “Parachutes & Airplanes”. I’d say it is well placed in the CD setlist, coming after “Falling Stars”.

Nicknamed “PANDA” by the arch angels, it is probably the 2nd track that the fan base is most familiar with (aside from the used-to-be-carrier single “Something ‘Bout Love”), given that David debuted this song during the BYU-ID Rexburg Concert sometime in June 2010 along with “If I Could Only Be” and “You’re Not a Very Good Liar”. PANDA received mixed reviews back then but it was my favourite among the three songs.

PANDA adheres to the feel-good theme of the album but veers away from the “soft-verse/full chorus” format found in most of the cuts in this album. The melody is bouncy from the get go and as the lyrics intimate, PANDA “never hits the ground”.

The lyrics are simple yet they are full of imagery. They reflect the always-curious David, not hesitant to ask whenever unsure.

Wise innocence shining through.

Interestingly, David seems to be taken with the idea of being in suspended animation. Just like in “Zero Gravity”, the sense of being high dominates PANDA.

And even if a parachute is a contraption that takes you down, it does so safely – no dropping like a hot potato for Mr. Archuleta, eh?

Meanwhile, PANDA shares a similar sentiment taken up by “Who I Am” — about the wish for a break, of getting away. Easy to imagine that the unexpected speed, at least to him, by which his career has taken leaves him with little room for a breather.

And I don’t ever want to say goodbye
I just want to steal this moment
Right away from time

Melodically, PANDA is strong. The tune stays with you after the 1st listen. The light but brisk piano-vibe in the introduction is a nice contrast coming from “Falling Stars”. It however reminds me — and this may surprise you — of the introduction of The Who’s “Baba O-Riley”. Listen to this live performance years ago and tell me if it is just my imagination —

Of course, the tempo between the two songs is different but I think they share the same diatonic chords of D-A-G. Not 100% sure though if I got the chords down pat as I don’t have my guitar right now while writing this. I may have to get re-visit this some day :)

Then, the melody progresses into a robust chorus that is strikingly similar to “Come On Get Higher” chorus by Matt Nathanson, both in melodic and numerical progression. Check it out!

See what am referring to? That higher-note/lower note looping pattern in the two lines of the chorus. Is something wrong here? Certainly not.

A lot of songs share the same chord progression even if they don’t sound alike. Would it shock you to know that Green Day’s “Basketcase” bear the same progression of “Pachelbell’s Canon in D Major”? Or that there are about 36 popular songs with the same chords progression? This is just a small sampling of this occurrence.

So do not fret. This happens. We are not being hoodwinked. Songs may share the same progression but what would make each song stand out would be the lyrics, arrangement, styling and interpretation. The last two is where David shines the most. His musical styling is inimitable. His lyrical phrasing, impeccable.

This brings me to one of the most notable changes made on PANDA’s final arrangement. The album version carries a chorus that has been punctuated with strings similar to Beethoven’s Symphony Nr. 5 – have you noticed?

Now I have always regarded PANDA as the most fleshed out material, more radio-ready, among the three songs that David debuted three to four months prior to the album’s official release. But the addition of the string component to the album version was a very pleasant surprise. It upgraded PANDA’s production value, IMHO. At the very least, it made PANDA more appealing, more memorable to me.

And despite having a full-complement of instruments, PANDA doesn’t sound over produced. David’s voice is front and center. Here, David’s falsetto is rounded and full.

PANDA abounds with low registers that bring out the beautifully maturing voice of The Archuletor, the primary reason why we ain’t hitting ground.

Take another listen and let me know what you think, ok?
Parachutes & Airplanes

There’s something crazy ’bout this day
Like I’m walking on a trampoline
I couldn’t get much higher

So if I ask you, would you stay?
‘Cause you remind me of a
Ballerina dancing on a wire

And I don’t ever want to say goodbye
I just want to steal this moment
Right away from time

What do you say when you can’t look down?
When you feel like you’re ten feet off the ground
What do you do when you’re on the edge?
Now you’re here and you got me thinking ’bout
Parachutes and airplanes
Thinkin’ about
Parachutes and airplanes
We’ll never hit the ground, ground, ground, ground

The world’s a thousand shades of blue
Like we’re here in the kaleidoscope
Don’t want it to be over

But everything that’s in my mind
Is here right in front of my eyes
And you’re the one who got me here

Coz I don’t ever want to say goodbye
I just want to steal this moment
Right away from time


– jackryan4DA

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Who I Am Sat, 16 Oct 2010 08:56:17 +0000

Listening to David’s sophomore pop album, “The Other Side of Down” is like opening a gift swathed in several layers of wrappers or boxes. Each layer, heightening the excitement; Each peeling, revealing or confirming another facet of David’s enigmatic persona.

This Time it’s Personal

So when David says “this album has more of me” and that “I want people to see me, hear me. It’s like re-introducing the real David Archuleta”, that’s exactly what we get – an album stamped with his personality and his own experiences. It brims with delightful pop textures, unbridled positivity and that quirky sense of “Davidism” on life and its challenges.

TOSOD makes you smile, moves you to tap your feet or bob your head or rekindle some not-so-distant romantic sentiments. Par for the course for a pop album, right? Well, not exactly.

Because TOSOD is anything but simple. At closer inspection, TOSOD reads like a coming-of-age novel. I hear it as a declaration a David’s transition from one life-stage to the next. It tells me growth, wisdom, insight, and the ways in which David develops a mature and conscious understanding and expression of himself and his circumstance.

As fans, we know only too well of David’s genteel side. He may be honest and to most of us, entertainingly candid, but David is unfailingly circumspect with his public dealings (although I would bet a Pad Thai dinner that he is the same even with his private interactions!)

By words and deeds, he is a man for others. His zeal in helping people and supporting his loved ones is probably only outweighed by his passion for music. Even when visibly dead tired, he would still make time for fans. And never one to hog the limelight, David tends to redirect the focus on others’ achievements. Heck, he even promotes other artists during his own promo tour!

Which makes “Who I Am”, a refreshing detour.

A “Me” Time for the Consummate Giver

Out of the 10 songs David co-wrote, there are about four songs which I find more introspective. “Who I Am” is one of those. But what makes “Who I Am” different is that for once, you hear David claim a “Me Time”. And wisely so.

I’m gonna take this moment that I’m in right now
Stop the craziness somehow
Leave it all behind me
And no one’s gonna find me…

The insatiable demands of others can be overwhelming. That’s why a “Me Time” is crucial. The book “Why Men Never Remember and Women Never Forget”, explains: “If you never have any time except reactive time — things you must do for others — you don’t have a sense of control”.

In “Who I Am”, David shows how he takes control from the whirring madness he finds himself in – even if it is just a brief time in a back of a cab. He shares the importance of stopping and taking stock of things with a humorous twist like ignoring a call from Jeff Fenster himself (there is that dry wit, again!).

It takes maturity to stake this claim and not be apologetic about it. To press the escape button when one needs it and be candid about it, I guess helps make a consummate giver like David continue to give.

It may get crazy at times, but David can always go back to who he is and never go wrong with the abundance that that entails.

The Medium is the Message

I really like how the melody and instrumentation were used to match the message of the song.

“Who I Am” starts with a situationer, placing David in the midst of a typical busy day. Listen to the music. You hear this semi-monotonous beat from a guitar that stays for the 1st two verses. It steps up in the 2nd verse but the repetitive thump persists.

Then you find a build-up which starts as soon as David declares “Days like these, it’s hard to breathe”, then release… you hear the melody metamorphose into this infectious chorus. More instruments join in – the piano, the drums and you get a euphony of sounds bearing an unmistakable celebratory jam.

In going back to “who he is”, the monotonous thump (regular verses) drops away leading to an exuberant groove (chorus). It’s like in claiming his “Me Time”, David is able to slip and slide between the crazy world of entertainment and his real life, while maintaining his balance.

The transformation becomes more pronounced after the bridge – when everything gets quiet except for the piano – yes the piano, not a guitar! See the symbolic shift? We all know that David is a piano man. So what starts out as a rhythmic guitar-led verse, crescendos into this brief, quiet piano-focused moment – cos we need to hear him out. At this point. his stake to claim is fulfilled and we are left with jubilant, liberating, declaratory kick-filled chorus to finish the song. Yeah!

The Craziness of Ranking

As I write this, the 1st week sales started coming in. And so begins the anguished, horrified and disappointed reactions from die-hard fans. What do you know? “Who I Am” has a message for those of us baffled by album’s 1st week sales.

Sometimes (sometimes)
You just know (just know)
When to hold on
When to let go

Of course we want the best for David. We wish a stellar musical career for him. Who has not dreamed of accolades and awards for all his hard work? We shake our heads, dumbfounded when we don’t even get to hear his songs on radio. Instead, we are treated to a barrage of mindless, same-sounding, cookie-cutter, badly written stuff that sell like hotcakes. This speaks volumes about the current state of radio-America, but that piece shall be saved for another day.

I think David has chosen his battles. Instead of kowtowing to Corporate America to create an image to sell to the fickle public, he chose to present authenticity. But by going against the grain, he risks his chances at instant, commercial success.

I got nothing to win and I got nothing to lose
Just trying to walk in my own two shoes
Gonna take the time now
It’s time for me to find out
Who I am

I think that as long he can keep making music, he is OK not being a super pop star. We should therefore take the cue from him.

He has given us a beautifully crafted record, a must-have for anyone who wants or needs to hear what feel-good, great-sounding pop music is all about, delivered with a superb, once in a lifetime vocal power. As fans, we have done our part. Let’s enjoy the music. Meantime, let’s see his Label genuinely push for this album. If it doesn’t, that’s s shame cos there are a lot of songs in this album that deserve airplay.

“Who I Am” is one of my personal favorites. It is deceptively simple. I suppose that’s what I love about it. Yet, it exemplifies how David has progressed through entirely new passages, into a life of deeper meaning. By going back to basics and doing what he does best: by being, as he would say with that megawatt smile, “Who I Am”.

– jackryan4DA

Click to Listen:

Who I Am

ps: (21 Dec 201) David just announced his mission and this song takes a new meaning altogether. His “time for me” is actually time for his Faith… for his Mission. Things make so much more sense now

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