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Wednesday, April 15th, 2015 by

David Archuleta – Nunca Pense MV

Finally, a clear hig-def version of David’s 1st ever Spanish music video, Nunca Pense which premiered during RootsTech 2015. Enjoy! NUNCA PENSE Giran en mi mente historias que de tí aprendí. En un mar de dudas una voz algo me quiere decir. Aunque me resista, no lo niego no puedo mentir. No había notado el vacío que había en mi. Nunca pensé que ahora… encontrara esa parte de mí. Ahora… entiendo por qué estoy aquí. Donde hayas ido tu influencia se puede sentir veo en tus ojos mi reflejo no me quieres decir. Solo no me has dejado aunque un tiempo me perdí. Algo tan inesperado que me llevó a tí. Nunca pensé que ahora… encontrara esa parte de mí. Ahora… entiendo por qué estoy aquí. Nunca pensé que ahora… encontrara esa parte de mí. Ahora… entiendo por qué […]

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Monday, September 29th, 2014 by

A Glorious Sunday Gift from @DavidArchie

Nothing better could cap a week of teasers and samplings than a full-length access to a new song of David and an informative interview that more than tickled Archies worldwide. Thanks to Steven Kapp Perry of FM100.3, we got to listen to GLORIOUS, a new song written by @stephaniemabey that David lent his equally glorious voice for one of the sound tracks of the movie, Meet the Mormons”. I can just imagine it, some people waiting for the ending credits just to hear David’s voice soar in glorious cinematic space! We also learned from an interview some glorious nuggets, to wit: 1. That Project Glorious was conceived while David was still on his […]

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Wednesday, September 24th, 2014 by

@DavidArchie Goes Gospel – A Snippet

Is anyone really surprised? That David’s 1st offering since he came back from his Mission belongs to the Gospel genre? Am sure some Archies are further wondering whether this will be the direction David will take from now on and forget about his pop roots and more commercial beginnings. For me? Am just excited to hear his voice on record. And you know what am more thrilled of? The Nashville connection! Granted that this Nashville Band is actually a Mormon music group founded by Jason Deere and Dan Truman, the pianist of the popular country group Diamond Rio (Source: Wikipedia), am still excited of the prospect of David leaning over Nashville […]

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Thursday, October 3rd, 2013 by

@DavidArchie’s “She’s Not You”

OK, am writing this on a fly right after a grueling traffic morning here in Manila. As always, to ease the burden of going through mindless shifts and stops along EDSA, my iPod went through some of these sounds: David’s, MJ, The Beatles, Bruno Mars, The Killers, Journey, Freestyle, Hall & Oates, Civil Wars, Ric Segreto aaaand eventually returned to more David songs. The shuffle hit a familiar but unreleased track of David — “She’s Not You” and said to myself: Hmmmmmm… This really sounds gooood! Nice groove. Great beat. Showcases the soul from that white boy from Utah. And it is not over-produced! Message is apt for a 23 year-old […]

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Thursday, August 1st, 2013 by

5 CRUSHable Years: It Ain’t Going Away-ay-ay

HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY CRUSH! The song about the joys and tribulations of teen crushes – which in the words of David himself changed his life – has pretty much the same impact on thousands of Archies across the globe. Whose world didn’t run a roller-coaster ride since being a fan of David or after watching its premiere on Z100 five years ago, today? THE CRUSH PREMIERE BTS OF THE PREMIERE As we celebrate Crush’s 5th anniversary, am posting an 2012 interview of Eman Kirakou, Crush songwriter. This may have escaped us at that time due the epic DALIM 04! I sure was not able to see it for obvious reasons, LOL! But I think it is […]

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Tuesday, March 26th, 2013 by

@DavidArchie’s No Matter How Far is Here!

Finally! The most anticipated day in Archuland for the year 2013 is upon us Some hours ago, for a number of countries, iTunes began its delivery of No Matter How Far, generating an online squee-fest from David Archuleta’s dedicated fans. Some US fans went around the metropolis buying the physical CDs – although for sure these same peeps pre-ordered the album, LOL. Such are the ways of true-blue Archies. Team Archuleta did a fantastic job pacing the build-up towards the album’s launch date. From Kari’s very tempting teasers — to eOne’s periodic tweets — to the streaming of NMHF on Billboard & AOL — to the release of Kylie’s animated DRA MV on […]

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Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 by

Billboard Premieres No Matter How Far

In what could be one of the most important exposures for David’s 6th studio album, Billboard started streaming “No Matter How Far” yesterday. Clear & crisp soundcloud versions of all tracks! The feature was not lost on the public as another round of buzz followed suit. ‏@musicandvids 26m David Archuleta – Nothing Else Better To Do #musicandvids @DavidArchie ‏@Laremixtv 3m David Archuleta, ‘No Matter How Far’: Exclusive Album Premiere: In 2010, “American Idol” alum… Live Wire Enterprise ‏@LiveWireUSA 45m #LiveWireRecords David Archuleta, ‘No Matter How Far’: Exclusive Album Premiere: In 2010, “… #LiveWireAthletics Breaking News ‏@AnyBreakingNews David Archuleta, ‘No Matter How Far’: Exclusive Album Premiere – Billboard: BillboardDavid Archuleta, ‘No Matt… Movie Music Room […]

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Wednesday, February 13th, 2013 by

@DavidArchie’s Don’t Run Away on iTunes 2.12.2013 – Buy! Gift! Stream! Share! Review!

DRA HAS ARRIVED! Catching everyone by surprise, TeamArchuleta made a ninja move whenDon’t Run Away, carrier single from David’s 6th studio album No Matter How Far became available on iTunes on 2/12, a week before the rumored date. @DavidArchie David’s new single Don’t Run Away will be available on iTunes tomorrow! 2/12/13 (TeamArchie) Despite the audio file being available for streaming from eOne’s soundcloud, YT and almost all major online media outlet, the Archies came in full force with the event trending in US & Canada as we greeted 2/12 and charted on iTunes’ Top 200 Pop Songs And this old-new song landed on #168 on the iTunes’ Top 200 […]

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Tuesday, January 8th, 2013 by

@DavidArchie’s Rainbow Remix @ MYXph The Rainbow Remix Music Video finally premiered on MYX last 05 Jan 2013 — And it took a couple of days for it to breach the Top 10 mark. Today it entered the MYX Daily Top 10 at #8 I will post the video later. Here it is! I’d like to think we can do better than that, right Archies? VOTE! VOTE! VOTE please! ~JR ps: Pinoys are preparing for a huge local event – 2013 Muzik Laban (loosely translated: Music Challenge). So the OPM scene is alive & Kicking! if you notice, 7 out of 10 slots of the MYX Daily Top 10 are occupied by OPM. Expect fierce competition from OPM supporters […]

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Monday, December 31st, 2012 by

Forevermore, Nandito Ako – Most Downloaded of MyMusicStore for 2012!

@MyMusicStorePH: The music that made 2012: MyMusicStore’s Top 10 Most Downloaded Songs of 2012..drum roll here… Need I say more except to ongratulate @DavidArchie! And thanks fellow Archies for making this happen! Happy New Year ~ JR {ok, back to cooking, LOL}

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