Month: July 2009

This Week in ArchuWorld

Performance, performance, performance! It’s been a busy week for David. The David/Demi tour is in full swing and he even managed to squeeze in some solo performances too! While the fan base grumbled about Jive and Azoff...

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A New Song

Back in the NotingDavid days, Rascal wrote: “One of the blessings in being a fan is that the surprise of new material is married to the warmth of familiarity. It’s like traveling to new and exotic locations with a...

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Songs in the Key of David- 10

I’ve always loved this song, but hadn’t heard it since B.D. (before David). So when it came on the radio the other day, I immediately superimposed every phrase with David’s voice. The soulful yearning, the swells, slow build and...

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