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As we herald the Year 2010 and a new year in Archuland, it is time to reflect upon all the wonderful moments and memories that David (and being his fan!) have brought us. Thank you, everyone, for participating in the nomination process for the 2nd Annual Archie Awards. Below are your choices, along with a few of our own. (Many of the pictures lead to videos.) Voting begins at the link at the bottom of this page. Once the votes come in, we will post a special article announcing the winners. So vote, and join the party! 2009 was a fabulous year to be a fan!!

Voting will close the night of Friday, January 8th, at 12 midnight Eastern Time.

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Best TV Appearance
Best Live Performance – Rockin the House
Best Live Performance – Heart Connection
Top David Moment of the Year
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Funniest Archuquote (non-Tweet)
Tweet of the Year
Best Christmas Song
Song of the Year

Best Video Blog

David’s love and appreciation for his fans shine through in his frequent and spontaneous video blogs. Which one wins the honor of being the Best Video Blog of 2009?

  • target=”_blank”>ManilaMay 16th: “Manila Show and International Fans”
  • David is love. That’s all that needs to be said about David’s heartfelt thanks to his Manila fans after performing with David Cook to a huge crowd. “I can’t say salamat enough.” Once is enough, David. 🙂

  • MirrorMirrorJune 9th:“Fan Pack @ iTunes!” (Mirror mirror on the wall)
  • David’s awesome randomness is not limited to his tweets. While announcing a charity performance in D.C. and the release of “Zero Gravity” and “A Thousand Miles” on iTunes, David can’t help but comment on the fact that the mirror behind his head reminds him of a certain Disney mirror with that “face guy in it.” “That was weird,” he says. No, David—that was EPIC!!

  • target=”_blank”>LameBoringAug. 18th: “My voice is back!”
  • “Lame, long, boring, makes no sense.” These were the YouTube keywords that David used for this video blog in which he covers widely disparate subjects such as getting his voice back, touring with his friend Ashlee, and suddenly recognizing a song in the background. David confesses that there was no point to this vlog—which only makes it more awesome.

  • target=”_blank”>WisdomTeethSept. 29th: “Bye bye wisdom teeth”
  • Most people, when going through a nerve-wracking experience such as surgery, try not to talk about it in order to block out the fear. But for David it is another milestone that he absolutely must share with his fans. This is the vlog in which David “CRAAAVES” orange juice, as well as other juicy moments.

  • target=”_blank”>PuffyGoneOct. 7th: “Puffy Cheeks-B-Gone”
  • Where was David? No concerts, no public appearances—it was a veritable Archudrought during which fans only received the occasional tweet reporting on his chipmunk cheeks or on the weather outside. However, once his cheeks were back to normal, not even an “issued computer” could stop David from updating his fans. This is the infamous vlog that included PX90, the piano incident, and the introduction of tour buddy Benton Paul.

Hawtest David Picture

Well, what can we say about David and the camera. He is one of the most photogenic singers around and it sure does show by the sheer number of pictures of David in concert, at VIP’s, at award ceremonies. But you’ve picked some “hawt” ones to vote on so here they are:

The Christmas Outtake:


Kansas Abandon Pose:

kansas abandon pose

Rio Tinto:

David at rio-tinto-stadium-2

At the Wachovia:


David’s Intensity:


London, Oh, London:
David in London 7

Cutest David Picture

Not only can David be breathtakingly “hawt”—he can also be amazingly cute sometimes. Youthful, silly, chipmunk-ish, the cutest David pictures you have nominated are here:

Posing with Sara Bareilles:

David meets Sara

With Totoro:

With Totoro

David’s chipmunk cheek, dimpled, cat-that-ate-the-canary, sweetheart grin:

david cutest smile ever

Cute doesn’t have to mean Funny:


Most Archudorkable Moment

David would be the first to describe himself as “weird” and a “dork,” but for his fans this quality is perhaps what most cements their loyalty. Which moment of 2009 was David’s most Archudorkable?

  • target=”_blank”>ItIsJanuary 5th: “It IS??” (at 1:33)
  • While gearing up to sing the National Anthem for the inauguration of Utah’s governor, David was awarded the title “Utahn of the Year” by a local TV station. On the air and live, when the newscasters told him that it might snow during the governor’s ceremony, David apparently needed to be told twice. Comedy gold!

  • target=”_blank”>ImYoursFeb. 4th: Hearing himself sing “I’m Yours”
  • David never wanted to sing in the first place… a local radio station convinced David to partake in a game in which he sang along to a song without hearing himself. Ever the perfectionist, David was scared about how we would do. But that was nowhere near as terrifying as hearing himself being played back to him. Blah-de-blah-de-blah!

  • target=”_blank”>ClappingMay 28th: Clapping his hands
  • David is still getting used to the concept that people want to hear what he has to say, but hmm… simply to watch him? That’s what he’s trying to process at 0:30 in this hilarious interaction with a TV interviewer. However, when he is assured at 2:10 that he is not on TV any longer, his nervousness goes away and we get a rare glimpse of David feeling like the cameras are not on him. La la laaaa!!

  • target=”_blank”>SpringfieldOct. 6th: “Awkward I guess” (w/ Rick Springfield)
  • It’s no secret among David’s fans that his mother is lovely and, well, “hawt.” But for David to hear that about his own mother is another story. Let alone from a rock star who points this out to him while they’re in front of the TV cameras.

  • target=”_blank”>ConferenceOct. 26th: What do I sing? (Utah conference)
  • After dropping several pearls of Archuwisdom, David is asked to cap it off with a song. What should he sing? A simple question, but David approaches it with the indecision of a Hamlet. Already hilarious—but David’s recognition of his own shortcomings is at once charming, funny, and wise.

Best TV Appearance

There were only three entries in this category, and not because there were only three TV appearances. In truth, most of us want to forget the return engagement on American Idol, and iCarly was (thankfully) not mentioned, either. I’m sure there were others, but these three appearances are surely his best. Now you decide which one is #1.

  • target=”_blank”>USOpenSinging America the Beautiful at the US Open
  • Not only did David get to perform a much-loved patriotic hymn before a huge television audience, he got to infuse it with his own brand of soul. Add to that the display of the nation’s colors, and what you have is an unforgettable bravura television performance.

  • target=”_blank”>ContigoSinging “Contigo en la Distancia” at the 2009 ALMA Awards
  • How many times did YOU watch David sing “Contigo en la Distancia”? Good thing we’re in the digital age, or else our VCR’s would have been worn out long ago through endless repetition. David brings us heaven and then humbly steps off the stage. (Play that again, please?)

  • target=”_blank”>HannahActing and singing on Hannah Montana!
  • “It was the onion bagel, wasn’t it?” David’s charm shines through in his stint on Hannah Montana, in which he sings a duet with the Disney star before she ditches him (gasp!) and dates a boy whom she’d done wrong. David is understanding, however, and fans are happy that this left David for the rest of us (and we got a new David song to boot!).

Best Live Performance – Rockin the House

David can sure as heck Rock the House, and various Zero Gravity performances were among the nominations. Barriers and Works For Me were also fan favorites, and along the way we fell in love with his rockin’ guest performance with an old rock group and a swinging holiday tune.

  • target=”_blank”>ZG-ColumbusZero Gravity in Columbus, OH, March 6, 2009 –
  • David shows off his dance moves in another full-tilt rendition of this fan-favorite song. His co-writer, Mike Krompass, is there on stage with him, helping to pump up the energy!

  • target=”_blank”>ZG-HouseOfBluesZero Gravity, Chicago House of Blues, March 8, 2009 –
  • The relative intimacy of the House of Blues made for an especially intense and jumpin’ version of this high-energy favorite. The video is shaky because the whole floor was moving from all the jumping!

  • target=”_blank”>WorksForMeWorks for Me, Reno, NV, March 18, 2009 –
  • How could anyone forget the opening of this crowd-pleasing song? For this performance ONLY, David added some improv’d phrases that just thrilled the crowd (and became merry-go-rounds for the rest of us!)

  • target=”_blank”>REOSpeedwagonDavid’s appearance with REO Speedwagon, May 30, 2009 –
  • A surprise appearance on stage electrified the REO crowd. David more than held his own in a rockin’, soulful, “sing-off” competition!

  • target=”_blank”>BarriersBarriers, Sacramento, July 16, 2009 –
  • This song is a combination of dorky hand gestures and foot-stomping sassy attitude. “Just gotta…stoooop!” How can you not love the head pullaways on “too many…”

  • ZG-SunriseZero Gravity, Sunrise, FL, Aug 1, 2009 –
  • Last summer on the Demi/David arena tour, David rocked the house with this intense version.

  • target=”_blank”>FelizNavidadFeliz Navidad, Kansas City, MO, Dec 8, 2009 –
  • Here’s an old chestnut that might have made you cringe in the hands of any other singer. But David infuses it with his Latin soul and makes it a crowd favorite. Anything that David sings in Spanish is an instant hit!

Best Live Performance – Heart Connection

David stole our hearts long ago, and he continues to fill us with love, give us chills, and make us cry, dang it! There were so many performances that strengthened that heart connection, and now we have the difficult decision of deciding which was the best of the year.

  • illbe175I’ll Be, August 6, Rockford, IL
  • This beautiful love song showcases tenderness and vulnerability.

  • deperate175Desperate, August 6, Rockford, IL
  • Even though this song was on his debut album, this date marks the first live performance of this deeply emotive song.

  • target=”_blank”>contigo175Contigo en la Distancia, September 18, ALMA awards
  • This is the performance that created a huge buzz across the blogsophere. David sang in Spanish on a prime time awards show for the first time.

  • fod175Fields of Gold, November 24, Salt Lake City
  • This was the first time we heard David sing this song – originally sung by Sting, but David sings the rendition of one of his favorites: Eva Cassidy.

  • target=”_blank”>HYAMLC175Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, November 24, Salt Lake City
  • A surprise appearance from lovely mother Lupe shocked and delighted the Salt Lake crowd. Although her singing is not perfect technically, Lupe shows off her lovely voice and stage presence and there is a long, heart-felt hug between mother and son at the conclusion.

Top David Moment of the Year

2009 was arguably even more awesome than 2008. But out of all this awesomeage, which moment stands out as David’s brightest, most significant, or memorable for the year? Vote for the Top David Moment of 2009!

  • target=”_blank”>MamaLupeSinging HYAMLC with Mama Lupe in SLC
  • Love runs deep between David and Mamachuleta. Lupe, while singing a gorgeous Christmas duet with her son, is overcome with pride and moved to tears. David and Lupe share a tender moment. Pass the Kleenex!

  • target=”_blank”>Contigo2Singing “Contigo en la Distancia” at the ALMA awards
  • No one watching David on this night could ever have guessed that this was his first time singing Spanish before a large television audience. David brought a breathtaking beauty to this performance, paid loving tribute to his Latin roots, and made an indelible impression upon the Latino entertainment industry.

  • TeenChoiceWinning 3 Teen Choice Awards.
  • David’s amazing talent at so young an age was bound to be acknowledged by the country’s premier teen awards show, placing him next to some of the nation’s biggest stars.

  • target=”_blank”>ManilaManila Concert
  • David got to perform before his biggest audience ever of about 40,000. It capped a wonderful visit to a nation that adores him. On top of that he got to reunite with AI buddy David Cook. He was so moved that he posted an video blog thanking his fans.

  • Women's Conference50-minute talk at the Women’s Conference in Utah
  • Admitting that he just recently never would have imagined himself delivering a speech, here he was, conquering his fear, and succeeding admirably. He shared some insights with charm, humor, wit, and a wisdom beyond his years.

Best Pearl of Archuwisdom

David has his random side as well as his philosopher side. Even though he’s still in his teens, he’s had his share of obstacles and challenges. In interviews and in conversations with fans he occasionally shares some nuggets of ArchuWisdom, some light-hearted, some serious.

  • From a Deseret News article: “You just take whatever (life) throws at you, and you just learn how to deal with it, even when you don’t think you can,” he said. “It’s about pushing yourself and pushing past what you think are your limits.”
  • From a VIP: “There’s never any reason to lower your standards.”
  • From MSN Entertainment during the Philippines tour: “It’s weird because if I wear something in public again, people will go, ‘You wore that three months ago!’ or ‘You wore that two weeks ago!’ So that’s the price of fame – you have to keep buying clothes.”
  • From the Utah Women’s Conference: “Sometimes even if it is a hard path to take, even if it has those big hills and climbs and all those scary trees and you can get scratches, and you can get hurt sometimes. But I think that’s what makes us grow. That’s what makes us learn in our lives.”
  • Again from the Utah Women’s Conference: ”Face your fears”…”as we face those fears more and get over that first hurdle we can make those weaknesses become our strengths.”

Funniest Archuquote (non-Tweet)

Speaking with a friend today (who also loves David), I mentioned that he was hilarious, almost at times, ridiculous. And he is, in a fun and adorable way. Why else would he have almost 300,000 people following him on Twitter, and thousands of views of some of his interviews on Youtube?

  • I have my faults: “I certainly don’t see myself as perfect,” he says. “I have my faults. There are plenty of them. I take longer to do things than most people. I forget things a lot. I’m clumsy. I spill my lunch.
  • About being with family at Xmas: “I don’t remember what I got, but I remember what we did.”
  • From his twitter bio: “I’m David. I like music.”
  • Utah speech (0:42-0:55, Part 3): I tend to ramble… the scary thing is it’s not just rambling, it’s rambling and it’s like what is this kid talking about.”
  • Cinnamon Mazeltov: target=”_blank”>

Tweet of the Year

Okay, this is going to be a hard one. There have been 1700 tweets and counting since David first opened his twitter account last April. We fans were privy to his thoughts about food, his nervousness before shows and his endearing randomness. Which tweet will make the cut for Tweet of the Year?

  • From June 15th, the noisy cats:
  • Oh my heck, there are cats outside fighting and they’re really loud! Hush cats! People are trying to sleep! You shouldn’t fight anyway.

  • From July 14th, an annoying and recurring malady:
  • “My left eye is red again. That little stinker.”

  • From December 2nd, dang that battery!
  • I wish my camera battery wasn’t dead and that my charger wasn’t lost, because I’d take a picture of this GIGANTIC grape! It’s huge!!

  • From December 5th, a food that makes David happy (food seems to be a common tweet topic):
  • Oh man! Hello giant bowl of guacamole. I think I love you.

  • From December 29th, David shared a small tragedy, complete with picture:
  • “Nooo! My brother’s dog ripped totoro’s eyes out!” … “http://twitpic.com/vrlmb – R.I.P. Totoro”

Best Christmas Song

David’s Christmas album wowed his fans, but which song wins the Archie?

  • Ave Maria – David brings tremendous reverence to “Ave Maria,” which includes the Latin version of the prayer “Hail Mary.” Foregoing the more popular melody of composed by Schubert, David takes on one of the most revered (and challenging) Christmas hymns with Gounod’s “Ave Maria.”
  • Joy to the World – David starts off his Christmas album with a rousing, bringing-down-the-house version of Joy to the World that makes all other versions sound staid and tame in comparison.
  • O Holy Night – David brings a surprising restraint and subtlety to a song that is usually powered through. Upon listening, it is not surprise that this is one of David’s favorite Christmas songs.
  • Pat a Pan – David chooses a relatively-unknown song to apply his own personal stamp, bringing a modern production that melds rhythm with a dramatic string arrangement.
  • Silent Night – David sounds like he is singing to Baby Jesus in the manger, maintaining the same intimacy and tenderness from the quiet beginning of the song to the spine-tingling ending.

Song of the Year

Which song, of those that David released in the U.S. beginning in 2009, was the best/your favorite? This was a somewhat unusual year, with only 2 singles, and all the album tracks already covered in the Christmas song category, so this year we are limiting it to those songs that were released as singles or distributed to radio:

  • A Thousand Miles –David’s minimalist take on A Thousand Miles allowed him to bring an aching intimacy to this recording, and allowed for David’s soulful voice to shine.
  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Beautiful and restrained, David’s and Charice’s voices melded together like buttah, in a charming duet that echoed back to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Who could ask for anything more?
  • Joy to the World – David made a fresh and original take on the Christmas classic, and in the middle song he really brang it and brought this song into the stratosphere. Did he launch it high enough to win Song of the Year?
  • Melodies of Christmas – This inventive song cowritten by David incorporated several Christmas songs and brought out what Christmas means to David. A fitting way to end the album, wrapping this wonderful Christmas collection in a pretty little bow.
  • Zero Gravity –This song brought a surge of energy to David’s first solo tour and got David’s fans clamoring for a release. Released along with “A Thousand Miles” and an iTunes “Fan Pack,” ZG (co-written by David) was an exhilarating venture into otherwise uncharted territory.

Voting has Closed

~Ronaldsf, davidfanLIZ, Marlie