The song about the joys and tribulations of teen crushes – which in the words of David himself changed his life – has pretty much the same impact on thousands of Archies across the globe.

Whose world didn’t run a roller-coaster ride since being a fan of David or after watching its premiere on Z100 five years ago, today?



As we celebrate Crush’s 5th anniversary, am posting an 2012 interview of Eman Kirakou, Crush songwriter. This may have escaped us at that time due the epic DALIM 04! I sure was not able to see it for obvious reasons, LOL!

But I think it is timely to revisit the article by David Burger of The Salt Lake Tribune, given today’s significance and with David still on his mission in Chile (7 freakin’ months to go! YAY!)

Report from L.A.’s Grammy Week: “Crush” songwriter talks about Archuleta
Published on Feb 8, 2012 05:54PMOn Wednesday morning, I attended the Grammy Camp: Basic Training event sponsored by the Grammy Foundation at the University of Southern California.

The event, and accompanying activities held Wednesday, are meant to reinforce the Foundation’s commitment to arts education, with high school students from around the area having the chance to interact with musicians, songwriters, producers, and other veterans of the music industry.

During the morning session, I jumped at the chance to have a one-on-one interview with songwriter and producer Eman (full name: Emanuel Kiriakou), whose hit singles include Hot Chelle Rae’s “Tonight Tonight,” Selena Gomez’s “Who Says,” and, most importantly for my interests, Murray native David Archuleta’s most popular single, “Crush.”

Eman has a long history of working with the 21-year-old Archie, with three or four songs on Archie’s debut album, the same number on Archie’s sophomore album, as well as songs on Archie’s Christmas album.

“I was a huge fan of David on the show,” Eman said of “American Idol.” “I followed him from very early on.”

Eman said that he has a habit of not writing songs for specific artists — that could be very limiting — but he broke his own rules by “targeting” Archie when writing “Crush.” When he offered the song to Archie, Eman said he loved the song, and by working with Eman “made it his own.”

Archie’s career has had its ups and downs, and will take a breather when Archuleta goes on a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which Archie announced in December. Eman, who said he still talks to Archie often, said he feels like an older brother to Archie, and Archie has confided to him over the years that he had always wanted to go on a mission.

Archie’s fan base is “real and staunch,” Eman said, and doesn’t worry about Archie’s fans forgetting about him in two years’ time. Eman, without naming names, said he has gone on tour with other “American Idol” alumni, including some with many more hit singles than Archie, but that they have never matched the intensity and the number of people that come to see Archuleta in concert.

On the mission, Archie might be able to reflect on music and come to a realization of what kind of artist he wants to be, Eman said, adding that he believed that Archie is still trying to find out where he fits in today’s music landscape. Whatever Archie decides, Eman said, his fans will be ready for him.



It is interesting to note that Glad Christmas Tiding re-entered Billboard’s Classical Catalog Album at the top spot last week. Cos that piece of good news highlighted David’s other four chart toppers which all happened to be from CRUSH!

      1. Hot Digital Tracks – CRUSH week ending 2008-08-30


      2. Hot Digital Songs – CRUSH week ending 2008-08-30


      3. Hot Singles Recurrents – CRUSH week ending 2009-02-07


    4. Hot Adult Contemporary Recurrents – CRUSH week ending 2009-05-30



In addition to the above records, this double platinum single (2,082,000 copies sold as of Oct 2012 as per Nielsen SoundScan.) was reported by AChartsUS, to achieve the following stats —

… has been listed for 89 weeks in 6 different country charts. Its first appearance was week 34/2008 in the US Airplay Top 100 and the last appearance was week 8/2009 in the Portugal Singles Top 50. Its peak position was number 2, on the US Singles Top 100, it stayed there for 1 week. Its highest entry was number 2 in the US Singles Top 100. Below you’ll find the exact numbers and statistics.CRUSH Performance

other songs


I have always felt that Crush was waiting for someone like David to breathe life into it. I mean who else can interpret it with such believability? And with the melody’s complexity? I mean, it’s even not an easy song to sing!

So, thank you Eman for writing Crush. And thanks David for bringing the double-platinum CRUSH into our lives. 🙂
~ JR

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