photo by Rene Durnham

photo by Rene Durnham

OK, am writing this on a fly right after a grueling traffic morning here in Manila. As always, to ease the burden of going through mindless shifts and stops along EDSA, my iPod went through some of these sounds: David’s, MJ, The Beatles, Bruno Mars, The Killers, Journey, Freestyle, Hall & Oates, Civil Wars, Ric Segreto aaaand eventually returned to more David songs.

The shuffle hit a familiar but unreleased track of David — “She’s Not You” and said to myself:

Hmmmmmm… This really sounds gooood! Nice groove. Great beat. Showcases the soul from that white boy from Utah. And it is not over-produced!

Message is apt for a 23 year-old guy, too. I mean, for one coming fresh from a two-year mission. This would be a cool sound. Very radio-friendly. Has some sass to it. That RNB flavor sure brings out the best in David’s voice 🙂

Cos… some would expect him to go message-heavy with his come-backing sound, right? Nothing wrong with that but that would be so predictable. What could be a better foil than NOT go that route? His voice is so good for the romantic, melancholy vibe. S.I.G.H.

“She’s Not You (SNY)” leaked in the internet in the midst of recording for TOSOD. I don’t know if it was ever considered for anything but too bad for Eman Kiriakou, Jesse Cates and Lindsey Robbins who penned the song. Am not sure if SNY song will ever be released commercially.


Wishful Thinking

I have some ideas about David’s return. Specifically about:
– Potential collaborations…
– Jingle Ball or own tour?
– Label or going indie?

But it is always much easier to do armchair marketing behind a faceless by-line, so what do I know?!

I sure hope that his future releases include songs similar to “She’s Not You”. And “Desperate”. And that delicious “This Christmas”. PLUS, a Spanish song! A collaboration with Santana would be super. Or one with John Legend, Tori Kelly, Sarah Bareilles, or Pit Bull or Joy Williams, among others…

There was even a time I imagined him in a video with Justin Timberlake for “Suit & Tie” but the theme would be Justin teaching David the ropes… you know along the lines of “let me show you a few things” kinda stuff… Ahahahaha


What else? Hmmm. A guesting spot in Arsenio Hall’s new program, just for starters. What a reunion that would be! A spot of his songs in primetime shows… An Asian tour AFTER making a notable comeback in the US…

And the usual fare: national anthems, singing in awards shows, guesting on TV & charity events, etc…

But most importantly: leveraging David’s story about his 2-year break from showbiz. Without it appearing to be a PR for his Faith. I just think that it is a good human story: why it was worth giving up two years of fame and fortune — something uncommon and brave in the competitive and risk-filled entertainment industry. It took maturity and yes a big leap of Faith to do it.

David it seems has this uncanny ability to be forever young and be remembered for it! How many stories have we heard of this effect? Since I am assuming that David will be re-packaged to present a more mature and more assured young man, I think his story would help dispel the memory of the awkward Archie circa Idol-days.

What better narrative is there for his Team to develop?

Oh well. Whichever way David goes, his Archies will be there for him. These are just some wishes for a great guy who finds joy in connecting through his music.

As the successful trendsetting said last Friday- “Soon. David Archuleta. Soon.”

It couldn’t be soon enough.
~ JR


ps: Did I mention Arsenio Hall? They sure looked comfy with each other, right?