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A Celebration of Christ
A Christian Interfaith Concert
November 28th & 29th, 2014
Janet Quinney Lawson Capitol Theatre
Salt Lake City, Utah


David on Stage 2photo from Abrra at The Voice


“Celebrationt of Christ” Concerts

featuring David Archuleta, Kevin Olusola from Pentatonix

& One Voice Choir.


The long wait is over.

Although we’ve seen a few snippets of David singing from the Afghanistan tour, it hasn’t been quite enough (who can ever get enough of David singing?) Waiting for a live concert, fans have been (mostly) patient after the long two years while David was on his mission and the six months since his return.

Now the wait is over – that glorious, fabulous voice is back on stage for two nights, performing with the One Voice Choir, Kevin Olusola and a number of other members of various denominations around the Salt Lake City area. Anticipation was high and it was well worth waiting.

David’s voice has become richer (is that possible?) and deeper – his control of the lower register is perfection. And his high notes – simply sublime, as always.

Enjoy these videos – I’m sure there will be many versions over the next 48 hours. We’ll post any and all we find.


The First Noel (thanks to 1lizd)



Do You Hear What I Hear (thanks to ShelleyFOD)


Glorious with the One Voice Choir (thanks to 1lizd)


Silent Night (thanks to pattycake04)


Believe with the Once Voice Choir and combined choirs (thanks to pattycake04)


Curtain Call(thanks to 1lizd)