Collage by MaryDee

Wonderful collage by MaryDee

So, the much awaited live chat transpired. Wasn’t able to catch the live feed as I was at work, on the floor, away from my laptop. Good thing the videos were made available for replay 🙂 It was actually a particularly difficult Wednesday (in my part of the globe), so coming home to his chat and his songs was literally a soothing balm to my frayed spirit.

What can I say about David post-mission, pre-showbiz entry? He sure sounded a lot older! Not only in tone but in his narrative. The boyish, impish look I suppose will always be there but his decorum has changed a lot.

I just hope that with the mission behind him and with a more sure footing of himself from his valuable experience in the last two years, that this would be the last time we will hear about him finding himself and asserting his own “voice” over the people in suits. I don’t want to sound impetuous about this but I do remember that this theme was covered circa-TOSOD.

But then one can’t help but detect the richness in his appreciation of things around and about him. This chat is probably the most upclose and personal David had ever been. And it was not so much about the topic but how he was tackling such topic. That in itself is growth, right there.

Listening to him expound about his love for his Savior and his excitement of things to come – even without going into specifics – was so raw and palpable that you could taste it. This bodes well for his artistry and depth as an musician. This makes the future offering of TheArchuletor much more hopeful and exciting.
DA state of mind
More things to ponder… More things to imagine… More chances to get into an Archuleta state of mind. And that’s always a good thing among Archies! 🙂

For me, what I learned is that to be or not to be is no longer a question to David. He has resolved to be more pronounced. He is what he is. Take it or leave it.

What about you? What new things did you learn from the chat session? Did you like what you heard?

Speaking of what you heard, I clipped David’s performances during the chat so we can seamless enjoy the hymns he sang 🙂

~ JR




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