forestOnce uponse a time (that’s the way my young son would say it, years ago) there was a group of busy Singing Bees. They worked tirelessly making sweet honey for all the neighboring woodland creatures. They did this work because they loved being in the middle of all the sweetness, and they sang while they worked.

One day, one of their most loquacious and articulate bees had a vision. Loquacious Singing Bee, as he was called, gathered all the other Singing Bees together to share:

“I’ve had a vision, my friends! I can see all the Singing Bees and all the Humming Bees from the Faraway Forest gathered together in a giant celebration of sweetness. I see this taking place in the sacred part of the year. I can see our Beloved and Elusive Prince at the head table and we all are joining together in song,” said LSB. The other bees were gobsmacked by the audacity of this vision, but gathered up their courage. “We can do this!” they sang, as they worked hard to create beautiful invitations for the guests and the Prince.

But it wasn’t as easy as it seemed, for the Faraway Forest was… far away, and the bees in that forest were wary of the Singing Bees. They had heard strange stories about those dang Singing Bees and were afraid of their exotic ways. But the Singing Bees sent such a beautiful invitation and spoke such gentle and kind words, that the Humming Bees were won over at last, and consented not only to attend the event, but to help in its preparation.

The greatest task still lay ahead – to deliver an invitation to the Beloved and Elusive Prince. The B&EP lived in a high castle, on a high mountain, in a land of high elevation. The moat around the castle was swarming with sharks, and there were archers poised at every high window. The massive wooden door that guarded the castle was bolted with 300 locks and 300 guards each held one key.

scarycastleThis all seemed so impossible, but LSB’s vision burned hot in his soul, and he gathered the Singing Bees together. They traveled to that land of high elevation, they journeyed on to that high mountain, and they finally reached that high castle. One of the Singing Bees brought magic stardust, and she threw that in the eyes of the archers poised in the windows overhead. The archers were confused and distracted and didn’t see the party approach. Another of the Singing Bees brought some magic shark-sleeping-pills and he dropped those in the moat as they passed. The sleepy sharks paid them no mind. Still another of the Singing Bees brought a magic lock-melting potion and when that was smeared on the 300 locks, the metal dripped to the ground.

Together they pushed open the massive wooden doors and suddenly all was quiet. The small band of Singing Bees stood alone in a vast stone-paved courtyard. There was not one sound of a dog barking, or of voices laughing together or of children playing. All was quiet. The small group ventured carefully forward. Very quietly in the distance, if they listened very hard, they could hear an unearthly singing. This was a Voice of such intensity and purity that it was not of the known world, but was a vessel of communication between the worlds of matter and spirit.

THE HAPPY ENDING, not the real one, alas:

They quietly, gingerly, moved closer to the source of that Voice. They entered through an open door to a large chamber and there was the Beloved and Elusive Prince himself. The energy around him glowed with goodness and a gentle charm, and they knew they did not need to fear him. The LSB finally found his voice and asked, in a most eloquent way, if the Prince would honor them with his presence at their celebration. “We are your most devoted subjects,” said the LSB. “We have worked for years spreading the word of your good works and the beauty of your Voice throughout the land.”

And the B&EP smiled a wide and joyful smile and said, “Nothing would please me more.”

brightlightAnd so it came to pass, that the Singing Bees and the Humming Bees gathered together to celebrate in the sacred time of the year, and the Beloved and Elusive Prince sat at the head table. The singing that night was like no other night in the history of the world. The stories of that night will live on forever.

(Please note: no donkeys, mules or other beasts of burden were harmed in the telling of this story.)