The Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC) is gorgeous, affectionately called the Armadillo, and patterned after the Sydney Conference and Exhibition Centre (pictured in Vee’s avi.) The SECC is near the banks of the Clyde River and a winner of multiple awards in the UK for venues.

Glasgow is a city with great style. The Cunard Shipping Line was founded in Glasgow and that the liners Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, QE2 and the Royal Yacht Britannia were all built on the River Clyde at Clydebank. Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the world-famous architect and designer, was born in Glasgow in 1868. His work can be seen in many locations in and around the city, the UK, and the world.

“Hi David, i met u yesterday with my dad & brother at ur hotel in Glasgow thanks so much for taking pics with us!”

From David’s Perspective


A Glasgow Fan:

Mr. Kizzi and I met this young lady (around 16,) her dad and her brother outside of David’s hotel, The City Inn, where we were waiting for a taxi after the concert. Until then, we didn’t know it was David’s hotel.

They didn’t have tickets to the concert but she met David at the hotel near the Scottish Exhibition Center venue that afternoon and she had a picture taken with him. She showed us this picture that she had developed that day.

They returned later in the evening to his hotel to see if they could see him again and get her picture autographed along with a couple of CDs that they had gotten from the U.S.; his CD wasn’t on sale yet in the U.K. What a warm and loving family and her mom couldn’t be there as she was expecting and near her delivery date.

The teen’s eyes were shining and she was shaking with excitement. Her father was as excited as she was. Her dad even offered to take us back to our hotel.

The comment under the picture and the picture were posted on a David Bebo fansite page at http://www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?MemberId=7694243936. There are also comments by UK fans, some of whom attended a McFly concert. Credit to desertrat for the photo & Bebo site find.

David’s Grandfather?

A group of girls, 14-18 years old, with such a beautiful Scottish brogue, came up to Mr. Kizzi after David’s set in Glasgow. They asked him where he is from; he said Florida. Then they asked if he was David’s grandfather. He said no. He said no three times. They didn’t hear him because they didn’t listen to anything he said after he said he lived in Florida.

They told Mr. Kizzi they watched David’s American Idol performances on YouTube and knew his grandparents lived in Florida. They were so excited as they were on their way to the outside door to back stage to get an autograph from David. They told Mr. Kizzi that David was amazing and that he (Mr. K) must be so proud of his grandson. By this time Mr. Kizzi was resigned to the fact that they had decided he WAS David’s grandfather and denial was futile; so he said, “Any grandfather would be proud to have David as a grandson.”

Wearing David’s Tee:

Mr. K bought us David tees when we got to the Glasgow venue and he put on his tee right away. The tee is black with David’s picture on the front and a list of the U.K. tour stops on the back (even the canceled ones.) So, McFly fans begin to stop us and discuss David with us before and after the show. Glasgow natives are some of the friendliest people I have ever met.

  • One group of girls (ages 14-18) stop us and launch into how much they love Crush, how they saw his AI performances on YouTube, and on how hot David is. They can’t wait until his CD is released next week so they can buy it.
  • The ushers were so friendly. They noted the T-shirt and asked us where we came from and was it just to hear David. We say proudly us we came just to hear David open for McFly. They tell us about who they are, their families (Scots are proud of their ancestry) and where they live. One usher invited us to have dinner with their family — we couldn’t though because of our tour. Another usher knew we weren’t sitting together and, after seating us, found me and said she had tickets for two seats together.
  • After David’s set we were in the Lounge area talking and the announcer overhead was saying McFly would be on in five minutes. We stood up to return to our seats and four astonishingly beautiful 16-20 year old girls approach us (Mr. K. hasn’t’ yet recovered from how gorgeous these girls are) and asked us if we were David fans. We said yes. They began to show us the items they got David to sign at the backstage door, and told us how sweet he was, how great his music was and how much they loved him.

I had three groups of girls and friends who obviously came together sitting around me.

  • The ones to my right, older teens, knew the words to Touch My Hand. They cheered and applauded and stood and waved throughout David’s set. They told me at intermission that they knew David from YouTube and American Idol.
  • The ones to my left were also older teens and were quiet at the start of David’s set, didn’t know anything about David and by the time he was singing his final song, Crush, were standing and cheering as exuberantly as the girls on my right. At intermission I spoke briefly to them and they said they were definitely buying his CD.
  • In front to my left were a group of girls in their early teens who were applauding, cheering, shrieking and dancing throughout all six songs


glasgowpinkAnd, amazingly, as fans we have so much more to anticipate, to enjoy, as David grows as an artist and becomes known around the world. His artistry has universal appeal across cultures. We are experiencing something extremely rare…to see David’s artistic journey unfold around our planet, experience each step of growth as a fan, feel the joy and celebrate one of the unanticipated splendors of this shared human existence, the music and artistry of David Archuleta.

– kizzi