Nothing better could cap a week of teasers and samplings than a full-length access to a new song of David and an informative interview that more than tickled Archies worldwide.

Thanks to Steven Kapp Perry of FM100.3, we got to listen to GLORIOUS, a new song written by @stephaniemabey that David lent his equally glorious voice for one of the sound tracks of the movie, Meet the Mormons”. I can just imagine it, some people waiting for the ending credits just to hear David’s voice soar in glorious cinematic space!

We also learned from an interview some glorious nuggets, to wit:

      1. That Project Glorious was conceived while David was still on his mission.

2. That David needed a transition period to get back his English accent. Apparently, the 1st time he sang Glorious, he still had a thick Spanish accent. Now that would have been “muy caliente” to listen to, don’t you think so?!

3. That come 2015, we can look forward to a new release (hopefully an album!) That is what he has been working on these recent months. From the ArchieBoss himself – yipee!
Sunday was a busy day for my family as we were busy hunting down the perfect wedding dress for my soon-to-be daughter-in-lawried (yup son is getting married soon!) but was able to catch the 4:09pm replay of the Sunday Soft Special.

Let’s listen to the full interview and the song Glorious repeatedly 🙂


There are times when you might feel aimless
You can’t see the places where you belong
But you will find that there is a purpose
It’s been there within you all along
And when you’re near it
You can almost hear it

It’s like a symphony
Just keep listening
And pretty soon you’ll start
To figure out your part
Everyone plays a piece
And there are melodies
In each one of us
Oh, it’s glorious

You will know how
To let it ring out
As you discover who you are
Others around you will start to wake up
To the sounds that are in their hearts
It’s so amazing
What we’re all creating

(Repeat Chorus)

And as you feel the notes build
You will see

(Repeat Chorus)
On the same Sunday, @MeettheMormons tweetted that the Glorious track can be downloaded free from their FB page. Click this link or the image below to do so.


This film, with a theatrical release set on Oct 10, will donate all net proceeds to Red Cross.


Lastly, watch out for the MUSIC VIDEO of GLORIOUS.

Look for the @DavidArchie #Glorious music video this Wednesday at http://www.meetthemormons.com #MeetTheMormons #ShareGoodness #LDS #ldsconf

Let’s hope David, nor just his voice, is part of the music video (keeping fingers crossed).

So what do you think of GLORIOUS? Don’t forget to download, ok?


UPDATE!  Here is the video!

~ JR