“I wanted to create a project where I could bring together some of my incredibly talented friends and share their gift of music with the world. This is a collection of some of my favorite writers and artists singing some of my favorite Christmas songs! I hope you enjoy listening to this collection of music as much as we enjoyed recording it. Next year I am hoping to do this again so I can include some people that due to scheduling and what not we weren’t able to this time around. I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season, filled with peace and love. Enjoy!” ~ Dapo

Deeper… Warm… Luxuriantly relaxed… That’s how David’s voice comes across in this new arrangement of “Little Drummer Boy”. A song that we now all recognize as one of the surprise numbers in David’s Christmas Tour.

But while David’s LDB on Dapo’s album lacks the Tour’s totally unexpected cra-zeh drumming that has caused a lot of spazzing and tons of squealing among the fanbase, make no mistake about it. David’s voice on Dapo’s LDB is smoldering. Very much like the lion king, seemingly lounging but actually ready to pounce!

For the uninitiated, welcome to the dangerous BUT delicious territory that is The Archuletor 😉

Dapo’s album is available for download from The Mothership or from Dapo’s site

Soooo, how does the LDB ala Dapo grab you?

~ jackryan4DA