58394642Just when you thought it was safe… just when you thought it could not get any better… just when you thought that this amazing voice could not stun you any more than it already has… and WHAM! you are hit upside the head with what occurred last night.

Before I get to the VOICE, I must say that being a seat filler has its ups and downs (pun intended!). After moving around a couple of times I eventually settled into a seventh row center aisle seat, about twenty feet from the stage with a magnificent view. The announcer said at the commercial break “When we return you are going to hear a very special performance by David Archuleta, just amazing”… or words very similar to that. As we went back to taping, the presenters came out and announced the music category pointing out the various artists. Unlike many other award shows since this was already announced they didnʼt pan the audience for other nominees, some of whom were not there.

58394654As they were introducing David they brought just two stools out on stage. My first thought?? OK, this is going to be major. An acoustic guitarist and the most handsome human being in my world right now… Contigo en la Distancia. Perfect. Emotional. Perfect. Emotional. I honestly donʼt know that I can find the words to describe what a moment it was. The audience spontaneously erupted in applause and cheers a few times during the number. At the end of the song, in the front row, Selma Hayek bolted out of her chair to her feet in wild applause. She was the first one in the theater ON HER FEET, followed by most everyone else. David smiled, took his bow and graciously left the stage.

What a moment. To have heard a full and beautiful rendition of this song in Spanish from David Archuleta is something that will never leave my mind. I have to also add this. David sometimes mentions that he doesnʼt speak Spanish or maybe isnʼt fluent. Others have said how can he say that when he sings in Spanish so perfectly? I believe that as foreign languages go, pronunciation in particular, you either have it or you donʼt. In other words, you can pick up the CORRECT pronunciation of almost any language because you have an ear for it. Doesnʼt mean you have to know the language. David clearly has that ability, especially with his musical talent and how he performs his songs. I am always aware of that when I listen to music in other languages. I think you all know how this one went last night…perfecto.

David Archuleta and Eva Longoria at the 2009 ALMA's

David Archuleta and Eva Longoria at the 2009 ALMA's

I waited for David to emerge from the venue but finally gave up when we were told that he had left the stage area and would not be leaving through the same exit as some of the other celebs.  The rest of the evening was great and there were stars to be seen. Selma Hayek, Rita Moreno, Oscar de la Hoya, Antonio Banderas, George Lopez (and no Mario wasnʼt there…darn!)  Eva Longoria-Parker, Christian del la Fuente (muy caliente), Wilson Cruz (across the aisle from me), Wizards of Waverly Place cast (some in front of me), Ricardo Chavira from Desperate Housewives (thanks for leaving early in the show ʻcuz I sat in his seat for 90% of the show!), Jimmy Smits, John Leguizamo and more! Nelly Furtado was great, Pitbull was awesome and Sean Kingston rocked it!

It is amazing how a two hour drive at 11:30 at night can sometimes seem like it took 10 minutes. Muchas gracias, mi David Archuleta…       Contigo en la Distancia…