David Archuleta @ Star 94.1’s 2010 Acoustic JingleBall

01 Something ‘Bout Love
02 The Other Side of Down
03 Falling Stars
04 Silent Night
05 Elevator
06 My Kind of Perfect
07 Crush
08 The First Noel


01 SBL thanks to ThinkOfMeArchie

02 TOSOD (HD) thanks to np1107

02 TOSOD thanks to ThinkOfMeArchie

03 FS thanks to ThinkOfMeArchie

04 Silent Night HD a-capella

04 Silent Night a-capella thanks to AnthologySanDiego

04 Silent Night a-capella thanks to ThinkOfMeArchie

05 Elevator thanks to ThinkOfMeArchie

06 MKOP HD thanks to np1107

06 MKOP (partial) thanks to ThinkOfMeArchie

07 Crush thanks to

08 TFN HD thanks to np1107

08 TFN (audio only) thanks to hannicaid


Enhanced Audio of David’s San Diego full Anthology set thanks to StarryNite01


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