Sunshine seems to follow David Archuleta. Or is it the other way around – that David brings sunshine wherever he goes? Cos that was surely the case when he was here in Manila.

July being known as a typhoon month in these parts, Manila Archies were a bit concerned. But upon David’s arrival on the 17th, the lovely Manila skies opened up to greet him with the warmest of all reception. And as you can see in the July weather calendar below, it stayed that way throughout his visit 🙂

Then as he left Manila’s area of responsibility shortly before noon on the 21st, the sunny skies suddenly retreated, turned downcast and grey. It was as if the weather was on a melancholy pause…

I twitted this observation to a number of Archies and they replied back that their spouses/parents said the same dang thing!

That afternoon, the skies gave way to torrential rains. The downpour continues to this day.

Epic Month
July 2011 will always be remembered as the epic Asian Tour month. With an estimated concert ticket sales of over 35,000 from his 5-leg Asian tour spread over 12 days and priceless media mileage across the South East Asian region, David can sure beam that irresistible mega-watt smile for a job well done!

As early as now, Manila Archies are already talking of DALIM4. The rest of the Asian countries he visited are campaigning for a Christmas Tour. Well, if that ever pushes through, David will have to brace himself for how Manila celebrates Christmas.

At the very least, it will surely be an unforgettable experience for him and his team. Being the only Christian nation in the whole of Asia, we’re pretty cra-zeh about Christmas festivities. Consider this: you can hear Christmas songs here as early as October and the length of the Yuletide celebration runs till the 1st week of January. Told you, we’re a crazy lot, LOL

Missing David
We miss you buddy. We miss your warmth, your kindness, your generosity. We miss your appreciation and respect for different cultures. We miss your engaging and inspiring spirit.

We miss your “I-am-not-better-than-anyone-of-you” philosophy which you put to action wherever you go. This is something that a lot of us can take a page from. That is one reason why Asia will always be here for someone like you, David 🙂

What better way to celebrate this final recap of the 2011 Asian Tour than with an array of photos from various Archies and media outlets, displaying that incomparable and infectious smile. A toast to your flight of amazingness, David!