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    *Tour reflections~ silverfox, davidfanLIZ, raelovingangels, joymus and mikesd
    *Concert videos

    From: silverfox
    , Good Karma

    After picking up davidfanLIZ, rae & mikesd from the airport and dropping them off at the hotel, we drove by the venue and a line was already forming. It was 1 PM. My sis & I went home to get some folding chairs & stadium blankets. I dropped sis off at the line, then went to pick up joymus. (dfLIZ, rae & joymus are warm, fun & beautiful ladies, and mikesd was very nice too!). I parked the van across from the venue, and joined sis in the then dfLIZ rae & mikesd were there as well as many more fans. Joymus would join us after freshening up at the walking distance hotel. So then I had to do my thing and walked down the line saying “Hi, where are ya’ll from?” (Sorry, just can’t help myself!) There were fans from as far away as BRAZIL. I had a gift bag with the justDavid binder and I added the Archangel’s Prayer mug and a “Thank you for sharing David” card as a gift for Lupe, in the van.

    Fast forward a couple of hours. The tour buses were moved a block away at about that time. dfLIZ wanted to look at the binder again so she & I went to the van. A few minutes later, sis calls me and says THE BAND IS HERE! GET OVER HERE! so I got the gift bag & dfLIZ & I run across the street! Mike, Eli & Alex were hanging out, talking to everyone, having their pics taken, just being nice guys! (We happened to be standing in line right at the corner and they stayed there with us). Anyway, my sis pushes me to have my pic taken with them. Then I turn to Mike and ask what the chances are that we can meet Lupe to give her the gift bag. He’s says very slim chance, so all three almost in unison say,”we can give it to David” and I tell them about the binder, who it’s from, what we’re about, and I really want David to read it. Mike & Eli both said he looks at and reads EVERYTHING he’s given. Well, I just had to HUG them..and OHG! They don’t just hug..they HUG!! and all three smell great! I hug Mike, then Eli, the Alex who proceeded to LIFT ME OFF THE GROUND like I was light as a feather!! hahahahahaha!! Can you buh-leeve that guy?? They are all gorgeous men, good men..David knows who has good Karma, and these three have it in spades. I loved them! They took the bag and walked back to the bus..well Mike & Eli walked, Alex rode a skate board to the bus. The meet & greet with the band in our corner was one of the highlights of the day! BTW, the line was around the corner all the way down the block! People walking by stopped to as who was appearing, cuz a line there all day and that long is VERY unusual. Cars were slowing down pro-buh-blee wondering “what the heck?”

    Fast forward to the concert! I find a spot at the rail, left side of the stage. The others join me. Lesley Roy went through her set, then the lights went down, the “out of this world” intro starts, and David in all his beautiful glory comes out and it feels like a streak of lightening went through my body! I’m tingling! I’m disbelieving! I’m in heaven! The Voice is magnificent! He is larger than life to me! He is there to entertain, to bond, to give love, to get love. David is love! I am enthralled by him, can’t get my eyes off of him except for a the times I look at Mike, who smiles at me each time. THEN David made me melt and it’s a good thing I’m holding on to the rail and my nieces are close behind me, cuz David looks at me and waves!!! (did I imagine it, could it be true, did he recognize me??) But I guess he did, cuz everyone saw it too! Did I say How much I adore David Archuleta!?

    Every song he sang was superb, sublime, perfect. I couldn’t pick a favorite if I tried. Then it was over..almost. For his encore, he sand ATM and Angels. joymus & rae were in tears after Angels..The Voice was almost surreal and as I’m watching him sing about loving angels instead, with such emotion, I thank God I found David, that he’s in my life. Then he was gone.

    Mike, Alex & Eli came out to meet & greet the fans and they are quickly surrounded by throngs of girls ( not little girls ). I take more pics of them. I talked with Mike and told him my sis & I would see them in Reno & SLC..he told me to be sure and look for him..he told my sis to “grab him” when we go to Reno. hahahaha! I asked Ray, the tour mgr if Lupe was coming out, he said she & David were already gone.

    We drove dfLIZ, rae, joymus & mikesd to the hotel. They were going to wind down in the lounge with a glass of wine. I wasn’t planning on joining them cuz I was beat! so as we drove off, I tell sis I want to go back. She takes me back to the hotel and leaves me the van. (My niece picked her up). The five of us have a very wonderful & animated conversation about David. THEN…guess who is walking through the lobby and out the hotel? Yup..David & Lupe!! Rae, joymus & I didn’t see them til Mike come back to our table (we’re in the lobby by the front doors, & Mike had gotten up for a minute), and tells us David & Lupe just walked out the door with suitcases in hand! I got up & walked out to get a glimpse, thinking joymus & rae are behind me..I walked to the bus, saw Lupe go inside and David & Ray are loading the suitcases in to the luggage compartment of the bus. I walk up to them, but not too close, thinking the girls are behind me..I said “Hi David! I can’t believe we saw you walking out of the hotel!” I then realize I’m alone, & I think..OH sh*T, he’s going to think..Dang, this woman is stalking me! Anyway, I say I was hoping to meet Lupe. He says, oh she’s really tired. I say, of course, Awesome show David. He says, aw thanks, are you coming to any other shows? (pro-buh-bee to report me to security!). I say, yes Reno & SLC. He says, AWESOME! I say, well have a safe trip, bye David. He says, thanks. And I walk away totally embarrassed thinking he must thinking who the heck is she & why is she following me??

    So you tell me..what made me want to turn around, go back to the hotel?? Lucky I guess! Who knew David was a guest there? I never would have! Ahem!

    Sorry this is so long..but I ramble & I had to tell the whole story! Going to meet joymus & rae now. Doing the tourist thingy.

    From: davidfanLIZ

    I had the pleasure of seeing silverfox and her sister Theresa, of meeting up with mikesd for the second time (I must say that he is an excellent concert buddy!), and meeting Raelovingangels and joymus for the first time. We hung out at the venue all afternoon. We had a lovely encounter with the band. And oh my, they are a strikingly gorgeous group of young guys. They are also patient and generous. They posed for numerous pictures with those waiting in line at the venue and answered any and all questions. I got an up close and personal view of Eli’s smooshed fingers – not a pretty sight. I would guess that he is going to lose 2 fingernails, and apparently it still hurts when he plays.

    Silverfox asked the band if there was any chance of seeing Lupe and giving her the special book of justDavid articles and love notes that many of us wrote. They suggested that the best idea was to give the book to them and they would pass it on. We were assured that David reads everything that is given to him. I just have to smile at the thought of David reading through the heartfelt comments as well as him reading our first justDavid articles.

    Silverfox was in good form and managed not only to talk with the band, get her picture taken with them, but got some seriously strong hugs from each of them. Alex lifted her clear off the ground!

    I’m still processing my experience from the show and have some serious doubts if I want to do the mosh thing again (lots of elbows in my sides and video cameras in my face!) But I’ll leave those thoughts for another time and let my dear David friends share some experiences.

    But… just this one thought: do NOT pass up an opportunity to see live and in person this sweet young man, this 1000 watt bulb of happiness, this soulful sexy Voice, this dancing, energetic tsunami of joy. You need to see him LIVE. YouTubes do not do him justice.

    Rascal – are you listening?????

    From: Raelovingangels

    The most striking thing I will share, reflecting on our amazing concert last night was the feeling of “What just happened?”

    There was transference of joy, energy and experience between David and his audience. We were connected to his joy, and experiencing what he was experiencing with each song-each inflection, phrase, each movement and physical expression. It was way more than “just feeling it”. If I had to describe it in concrete terms, it was like when you hook your video camera into the computer and the transfer takes place. Except that the transference was both ways. We received from him and we gave back. At the end I was joyful, but also feeling- “What did just happen”. Even 12 hours later, we’re still trying to figure it out. It may be that we never can. The wonders of the world are that way…..incomprehensible.

    From: Joymus

    While there were many memorable moments for me, two in particular stand out in my mind. The first was the moment just before David took the stage – the pent-up longing and anxiety after traveling for what seems like days, waiting for hours to get into the venue, and waiting through the opening act. The second begins right after he does hit the stage – the joy of being able to see, hear, and experience David without the YouTube filter. OMG – what a culminating experience of JOY!

    The second memorable moment for me was the performance of the last two songs – ATM and Angels. Its David unfiltered – no band, no background vocals – just him, his instrument and us. The intimacy of those final songs struck a chord deep within me. It’s as if David is saying of ATM – let’s go back to the beginning – this is where I learned my craft of playing and singing together. In Angels, for me it becomes even more personal for David. Here it seems as if he is saying – this is what my GIFT is all about, receive it and acknowledge that its not about me – but for us all.

    From: mikesd

    All I can say to everyone who is a fan of David’s is that you must… absolutely must make it your very high priority to get to a David concert if not now (I know that is a little tough) but WHENEVER the next tour is organized. It is one thing to talk about him and see his videos but the real thing… nothing comes close. I have had the amazing pleasure of meeting/seeing David half a dozen times but this concert in Albuquerque was the first I saw of his solo tour. My strongest sense of David from this is that he absolutely OWNS every song he performs. From start to finish he gave his all, entirely in perfect vocals, great moves (OMG) and his HUGE personality. It just does not get any better… Well it actually did when at 12:15 am while having a glass of wine with my justDavid companions, who walked right by with his Mom and suitcases in tow headed out the door of our hotel but Mr. David Archuleta himself! I managed to get out a “David!” and he turned and flashed a huge grin. I said “awesome show tonight and see you in Pomona!” to which I got that heart melting “Aw, thank you!” and off to the bus they went. It truly was the frosting on the cake… Had tons of funs with the girls before, during and after all the activities. Thanks for hanging out with this “Jaguar” (my term…I think you all can put two and two together!!)M


    Mike, silverfox, Eli & Alex

    Touch My Hand (thanks to Sparky7785’s Mom)

    (thanks to djhsail)

    ALTNOY (thanks to Sparky7785)

    Somebody Out There (thanks to djhsail)

    My Hands (thanks to ShelleyFOD)

    Works For Me (thanks to Sparky7785)

    Waiting for Yesterday (thanks to djhsail)

    Full Medley (thanks to djhsail)

    To Be With You (thanks to djhsail)

    David sings Como La Flor (thanks to dadefrenzy)

    Don’t Let Go (thanks to djhsail)

    Zero Gravity (thanks to djhsail)

    You Can (thanks to djhsail)

    Crush (thanks to NIckJismyPrince )

    A Thousand Miles (thanks to darkangel79413)

    Angels (thanks to vmars08)