“One day, we musicians will bring back real music.” So goes a quote by a little known, up and comer in the world of blue-eyed soul, and a controversial statement some might say. It of course implies that much of today’s music is not “real music.” While I am no expert on the current music scene, what little I do know leads me to believe that the implications are valid. We know that pop music artists today are referred to as “package artists.” They look good, move well, and create the desired image. The music often seems to play second fiddle to the importance of the overall entertainment value… to the show. I do believe this all started with MTV and has been opined by “real musicians” since its inception. Twenty-some-odd years later the real musical performer has a mountain to climb…instrumentalists have been replaced by recorded tracks, so much so that I believe some vocalists have never even sung with live musicians. The real vocalists must have an MTV vibe to be relevant. They are competing with the auto-tuned recording artist with the right act who is quite a showman but not much of a singer. They call it “being relevant,” they should call it “being commercial.”

And along comes David….. a rare musical genius who is at the same time a brilliantly, unequalled vocalist, an artist capable of touching the listener with his musical soul, and one hell of a live performer. His voice possesses a beautiful tone to it, soothing, deep, and intense. Like Rod Stewart, Robert Plant, Greg Allman, Van Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, and Sam Cooke to name a few (all pretty much rockers, I know, but brilliant vocalists, identifiable, relevant, and commercial in their time)…there is just something about his voice. It is my belief that David can lead the way, accompanied by some other very talented current musicians, in reintroducing to a musically starved generation what real music really sounds like. They don’t even know that they have been deprived and starved for years…but they are about to find out. What real music is.