A Little Too Not Over You by David Archuleta

I have to confess to a having been a little underwhelmed by this one on my first review of it last night, even while conceding that I am not the slightest bit close to the target demographic for it. David’s voice has such depth, such complexity–not to mention his ability to color and shade his performances with incredible subtlety and intelligence–that when I hear it being deployed for purposes such as this, I can’t help but lament a certain loss of opportunity. But David, as we all know, is much more than a gifted singer with great skills. He is a consummate musician, a pop music connoisseur, and, lest we forget, still a teenager. This kind of song must be acknowledged as the right kind of vehicle for at least a certain–and, at this point, significant–aspect of his recording career.

On a second listen this morning I liked it a lot more. In particular, there’s a sweetness about it that is incredibly appealing without being mawkish or cloying. David is proving to be very adept at this difficult balance in choosing material. And, as evidenced by the bridge section tacked on to this preview clip, he is also smart to pick songs that allow him some extemporaneous opportunities, not even so much to showcase his melismatic capabilities (which have been overdone in pop music marketplace for some time now), but to include that heart-tugging cry in his voice, which he tends to pull out at the ends of certain vocal riffs. The falsetto in this section just elicits in me one, huge, s#!*-eating grin. At the risk of emphasizing my flair for the obvious, I just love this boy.

The final test of the viability of this one may very well be that after only two listens, I found myself humming the damn chorus while preparing breakfast. If that’s not an indication of market potential, I don’t know what is.