always something there to remind me

I walk along the city streets, you used to walk along (with me)
And every step I take reminds me of just how we it used to be
Oh, how can I forget you, when there is
Always something there to remind me
Always something there to remind me


OK, this has been a terribly busy work week for me. Hardly had time to go online and properly do my Archu duties!

But even if focused at work and harriedly going about my mum choirs, memories of @DavidArchie manage to sneak up at the oddest hours!

Like when I was driving home after doing the groceries, where would I find myself? Driving by the last spot where I said my goodbyes to David. Arrrghhh!!!!

At the Shang exit, the spot where I said my last goodbye to David

At the Shang exit, the spot where David waved his last farewell

    19 Feb 2012

I remember him walking fast but not-so-furious to the waiting car that would finally take him away from us… away from Manila. A couple of feet from the van, I stopped following him. You know to give him space… But inches before he reached the van, he turned to me, waved and with a smile mouthed “Bye… Thank you!”

What a perfect photo opp, right? A perfect ending to my chronicling of his 38-day stay in Manila. Instead, as he said his last farewell, I lowered my cam and achingly savored that moment. Forever committed to memory. Am sure you would understand…

Perci was looking on and I almost blurted out, “Take me with you!” Good thing I didn’t! LOL


So, that spot has a special place in my heart. Heck, EDSA Shang IS a special place for a lot of Archies with all the shenanigans and extraordinary times that happened there. Ha-ha-ha. But every time I pass that spot, I heave a sigh of you-know-what 🙂
The next day, on my way to work, I saw this car in EDSA. Now I happen to love some Mini Cooper. So I can’t help but smile whenever I see one on the road. But something was oddly familiar with this particular Mini Cooper… Hmmmm… I was thinking, “This one reminds me of the car David used for a photoshoot…”

cooper pin 01

As I looked at its plate number, I LOL and said to myself, “What are the chances!”

When I reached my office I checked on David photos and confirmed my hunch. It is the car! The same actual car David used for Forevermore album at Pin Antonio’s lovely house!

See what I mean by odd hours?! Isn’t it strange how part and parcel David has become of our stream of consciousness? Perhaps more than we care to admit? 🙂

What about you? What are the things that remind you of David? Would be nice to hear your “always-something-there-to-remind-me” moments.
~ jackryan4DA