David Archuleta at the 2008 American Music Awards

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No matter how high his star rises, I get the feeling that David Archuleta will always be as graciously focused on what other are doing, on what others represent, than what his own particular role may be. I can even foresee a time, decades from now, when David himself is one of the luminaries, one of the legends at an event like the American Music Awards, when an interview such as this portrays David speaking with hearfelt enthusiasm about the the young newcomers who represent the future.

Our expectations of David have evolved so much in such a short time that it is no longer a surprise to see him being both affable and articulate. But it’s still a delight to feel his own enthusiasm for being part of something represents so much of his aspirations, and perhaps more so to see him just beginning to believe that he belongs there.

On the Red Carpet


“I’m not this hunk or anything.”