EWTRTW - Screencap credit to muldur

When my local concert buddies first invited me to fly to Myrtle Beach to attend David’s concert this past Saturday, my initial reaction was that flying to a concert seemed like a very extravagant thing to do. I reasoned that I could stay home, write, read, putter in the garden, and just watch the videos online.

Luckily, my friends’ sense of fun and even reason prevailed, and I booked a flight to Myrtle Beach.  As soon as I boarded the flight, I knew I had made the right decision. It is always great fun to unabashedly discuss David’s music with fellow fans.

By now, many readers have watched videos from the concert and noted other online descriptions about it from other fans who were there. As other fans have mentioned, one large aspect about following David’s career includes the relationships developed through fan interactions. The fan community has truly become an extended family and I am grateful for the friendships I’ve cultivated. In my off-line activities, I lead a very busy life with a professional job that is frequently stressful and totally cerebral. I truly treasure the fan community that has given my life another necessary outlet of joy and fun.

This sense of community was certainly present at the concert. In plain words, the entire day was magical. My fan friends and I staked out our viewing area that morning with blankets. Taking shifts, some folks visited the nearby beach, strolled along the boardwalk, and enjoyed meals at the many restaurants lining the strip. The weather was perfect: bright, breezy, and golden.

By nightfall, the air was heavy with anticipation of David’s set. The field in front of the stage steadily filled as dusk approached. The heat of the day slowly lifted and the evening air became pleasantly cooler with a refreshing breeze. We watched the opening acts that included (among others) a short set by Ariana Grande, a young lady with a beautiful voice and rhythm.

I will not go into details about David’s set, as many of you have no doubt watched the videos and/or were present at the concert. However, the band’s sound and sense of chemistry were palpable from the first few chords. Of all the videos posted, my favorite one is the band introduction. I have watched this particular video over and over again. It was incredible to witness David’s thrilled reaction as each of the band members played an introductory solo.

As I reflect on the concert, it was amazing to observe a band that David had a heavy hand in choosing. The band members are extremely talented and I just love the funky, soulful, and jazzy groove. If anything, the concert gives us a foreshadowing of the incredible possibilities ahead. It is exciting to think about the band growing together as David himself also charts out the direction he seeks to move toward as he builds his stated foundation.

screencap from jonerzz vid

Moreover, I am impressed by the band’s kindness. While David completed a formal meet and greet inside a tent after the concert, the rest of the band easily chatted with fans and signed autographs. I was touched that David later joined his band in meeting the fans after the meet and greet ended. I stood nearby as fans told David how much they enjoyed the concert and the band’s sound. David was visibly pleased with how the concert went and it was a privilege to witness his joy.

I am very thankful that I was able to experience this magical evening. Looking forward, I believe that Saturday’s concert will be regarded as one of the musical landmarks long-remembered by David’s fans.

~ Freo