The first time one truly “gets” a David Archuleta performance, there is an immediate recognition of original, authentic artistry from the raw to the refined, and, the in between– the developing elements–of a rare talent. Recognition of the potential of such a talent — the yet to be finished canvas of a new artist–also gifts one with a crystal clear glimpse, in their mind’s eye, into the future.

This is a most powerful moment. It seizes and holds one in rapt attention as they are able to visualize with perfect clarity those raw elements and rare talent, in its final rendition.

We certainly do not experience that many moments of blinding clarity and certainty of the future in this information-overload, infinite-options, all-too-human life of ours. Those that “get” David’s artistry are, in general, perplexed as to why everyone cannot see what is as obvious as the sun, mountains, wind, stars, and seas. That David Archuleta is the voice of a generation.

And our reasons for admiring and supporting him as an artist continue to be varied and multi-layered.

First and foremost, David’s artistry is not only brilliant but also a work in progress. We are privileged to experience his developing artistic journey from its early days. Our time spent delving into David’s work is painted with a fresh and ever increasing level of awareness of the joy of music, expanding our minds and emotions to new vistas. For some, he also represents a catalyst that has recalibrated their outlook on life, inspiring personal transformation–a champion of how to be true to one’s self, make things happen, deal with adversity, and move forward in life with confidence.



David journeyed through AI as one of the youngest contestants to make it to the final, who wanted to simply sing, and had the vocal skills and musical potential the likes of which we, collectively, had not encountered. Comparisons were made with the greats in the music industry, from Frank Sinatra to Elvis to Michael Jackson, among others. On AI he was painted as the “ballad boy.” David, himself, appears to be experimenting with the music genre(s) on which he wishes to hang his artistic destiny.

Yes, quite amazingly, his artistic canvas is being painted right before our very eyes as we support, watch, listen, and enjoy his evolving body of work.

On his first virtually sold out U.S. solo tour, David in 32 days turned the stage into his playground. His Asia promotional tour was highlighted by screaming fans meeting him in the wee hours of the morning at the airport, packed to the rafters’ venues, a performance of Don’t Let Go that was powerful and passionate,  in-depth media interviews, and warmth and appreciation by the fans for not only David’s artistry but also as an individual.



The purposeful and intense UK tour was where we heard descriptions of a magical voice, of gutted & gobsmacked fans, and of audiences singing in force to Angels.

And, now the Philippines–the news, videos, pictures are pouring in, and updates are literally moment to moment from the fans.

Yes, we have seen radiant colors infused into his singing and performing resulting in the addition of bold and defining brush strokes to his artistic canvas.

… the bold, bright or soft, delicate pigments and innovative, authentic brush strokes of his song…

…the striking tints and sweeps and swirls of his performances where art and magic are pleated with vulnerability and strength…

…the radiant hues and whirls and twirls of his ever evolving melodic choices…

…that have and will continue to add the gorgeous colors and textures of art, the deeper dimensions of living, and the celebration of the human experience to our own life’s unfinished canvas.