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The Grove

01. Waiting for Yesterday
02. A Little Too Not Over You
03. My Hands
04. The Riddle
05. Zero Gravity
06. Crush
07. Fields of Gold
08. Prayer of the Children
09. Melodies of Christmas
10. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
11. Ave Maria
12. Pat-a-Pan
13. The First Noel
14. Riu Riu Chiu
15. Silent Night
16. O’ Holy Night
Concert Clips


01 WFY HD cr fanbabyTX

01 WFY HQ cr robbz18

01 WFY HQ cr litlenani21

01 WFY HQ cr HappyBeluga

02 ALTNOY HQ cr robbz18

02 ALTNOY HQ cr HollisterGirl0707

02 ALTNOY HQ cr HappyBeluga

03 MY HANDS HQ cr np1107

03 MY HANDS HD (Ending) cr fanbabyTX

03 MY HANDS cr robbz18

03 MY HANDS HQ cr litlenani21

04 THE RIDDLE HQ cr np1107

04 THE RIDDLE HQ cr hannicaid

04 THE RIDDLE cr HappyBeluga

05 ZG HQ cr robbz18

05 ZG HQ cr litlenani21

05 ZG w/ BAND INTRO cr HappyBeluga

06 CRUSH HD cr fanbabyTX


06 CRUSH cr robbz18

06 CRUSH cr joannalm91

07 FOG HD cr fanbabyTX

07 FOG HQ cr np1107

07 FOG HQ cr hannicaid

07 FOG HQ cr litlenani21

08 POTC HD cr fanbabyTX

08 POTC HQ robbz18

08 POTC HQ cr litlenani21

09 MOC HD cr fanbabyTX

09 MOC audio only cr HappyBeluga

10 HYAMLC SOLO HQ cr robbz18

11 AVE MARIA HQ cr np1107

12 PAP HD cr fanbabyTX

13 TFN HD cr fanbabyTX

14 RRC audio only cr HappyBeluga

15 SILENT NIGHT cr ziffle77


16 OHN HD cr fanbabyTX

16 OHN HQ STANDING ‘O’ cr DavidArchiefan4ever1

Concert clips (AM, SN, OHN) cr 714Jamming