May I say what struck me the most tonight was the extent to which New Jersey was showing David the love…and he was basking in it. The crowd was, from where I was positioned, deeply invested in a love fest. I began the evening 4 people deep and center stage, directly in front of the mic. Not a great place to be it turns out…. Why, you ask?….because that is where everyone wanted to be. The moshing in that location became slightly more than my daughter and I could bear so we yielded to the tide and moved back slightly. From our perspective the crowd was…… filled with deep and, I believe, enduring archulove.

I am a seasoned concertgoer and have been a part of many crowds. And I tell you, THIS crowd was in love. We have heard of the Beatles/Elvis comparisons for David’s fans and I reject these comparisons. This was not a hysterical crowd filled with followers of a popular craze. This was a crowd in love with its artist. It fed off of his joy, it knew his songs, it wanted to be a part of his music, and it wanted to enjoy every moment of his entertainment.

And entertain he did! He was happy and confident, mature and in control. He strutted and hunkered down, he bopped and glanced away (my personal favorite.) The passion and intensity that he brought to the stage was transferred to even casual fans present that could not help but be swept away by the contagious and palpable emotion. (I know this because I brought one with me.) He did all of this without really working the stage in the manner that I am certain that he will one day. I was actually quite thankful that he seemed to restrain himself to some extent, trying at times it seemed, not to whip the crowd up too much.

I was once again captivated by his charm as an entertainer and by his authenticity as an artist. I am pleased to note that there were neither sleigh bells nor harps, not real nor synthesized, in attendance tonight. Instead we were blessed with a doll-faced drummer, a fun and funky bass player, and a cool cat older brother lead guitarist. The band was terrific. They jumped around and grooved with him down Broadway…hey vibes man you had it goin’ on…. and the crowd ate it up.

I’d love to write all night, because I have much to say… but it is late … and I must go bask in my archuglow. But, I cannot close without saying … “One” was….. brilliant….. every bit that of “Imagine”… I don’t speak in hyperbole about this…. Genius.

And so it begins…the solo career of an iconic live performer.