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Most of you know that I don’t tend to initiate or participate in fan-driven efforts and projects, but there is a time of year for such gestures, and this is it. For 2008 especially, I think it behooves us to offer a small token of acknowledgement and appreciation to the Family Archuleta for bestowing upon a grateful world their son, whose presence has made a multitude of lives both deeper and brighter.

I have already made arrangements for a gift from “the Community at” to be delivered personally to the family at their home. My intention is to build a custom basket from Dean & DeLuca based on how much money we raise by a week from today, Tuesday, December 16th. I will personally pay for expedited shipping.

Below you will find a donation form, which is connected to my PayPal account. You do not need a PayPal account in order to contribute. I have slated a default amount of $5.00. You may give any amount.

Use the comments field to compose a brief note to the Archuleta family, to be included as part of the package.

If you wish to remain anonymous in the gifting, simply leave the comments field blank. If you want your real full name to be included in the gift, please send me a note through the contact form.

All monies will go to the cost of the gift, and you can see a running total as soon as donations begin to accrue. I will email a receipt for the gift to any contributor who requests it. Click in for the donation form.

Happy Davidays!

Update: I have disabled the Recognition Wall pending information on how to disable just the amounts. I am also hearing that some folks want their comments to be private as well, so I’ll see if I can make that an option also. In the meantime, all your comments and information is still archived, and I will continue to receive all submissions.

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