2011 Constitution Fair

Come and celebrate the US Constitution this year at Civic Plaza / Town Square in Gilbert, AZ on Saturday, September 17th at 6pm. (Gates open at 5pm. No early seating.)

Don’t miss David Archuleta at the 2011 Fair!

David Archuleta’s new album, The Other Side of Down, is a reintroduction to the American Idol runner-up with the angelic voice who 30 million television viewers fell in love with during season 7—now older, wiser, with faith still on his side and an eternally optimistic wide-eyed outlook.

Don’t miss David at the 2011 Constitution Fair! David has a great love for our nation and will be performing a 30-40 minute concert of some his best songs! Don’t miss it!
Saturday, September 17th, 2011, at 6pm

(Gates open at 5:30pm. No early seating.)

~ Constitution Week USA


01 DA Interview w/ AZ Midday (HD)

02 DA interview w/ Fox10 Phoenix, AZ – WARNING: LETHAL CLOSE-UPS! (HD)

03 DA Interview w/ Good Morning AZ (HD)

04 DA Gives Voice Lessons to reporter Christine Lee HD (lucky girl!)

05 DA’s ateenview interview


00 National Anthem
00 God Bless America
01 A Little Too Not Over You
02 Other Side of Down
03 Something ‘Bout Love – new arrangement
04 Falling Stars
05 Complain
06 My Kind of Perfect
07 Elevator w/ Band Intro
08 Stand By Me
09 Heaven
10 Crush
11 My Country ‘Tis of Thee/America the Beautiful


Soundcheck – Falling Stars

00 NA by 8throwcenter/Donna

00 NA by np1107

00 NA by jonerzz

00 NA by 1djafan

00 NA by smileylanie

00 NA by googoofan1

00 GBA thanks to 8throwcenter/Donna

00 GBA thanks to np1107

00 GBA thanks to jonerzz

00 GBA thanks to YouCanCallMeTina

01 ALTNOY thanks to 8throwcenter/Donna

01 ALTNOY thanks to np1107

01 ALTNOY thanks to jonerzz

01 ALTNOY thanks to ArchieFan42192

01 ALTNOY thanks to googoofan1

01 ALTNOY thanks to U2yahoo12

02 TOSOD thanks to 8throwcenter/Donna

02 TOSOD thanks to np1107

02 TOSOD thanks to jonerzz

02 TOSOD (partial) thanks to ArchieFan42192

03 SBL thanks to 8throwcenter/Donna

03 SBL thanks to np1107

03 SBL partial & shadow puppets thanks to np1107

03 SBL thanks to googoofan1

03 SBL thanks to U2yahoo12

04 FS thanks to 8throwcenter/Donna

04 FS thanks to np1107

04 FS thanks to jonerzz

04 FS thanks to googoofan1

05 COMPLAIN thanks to 8throwcenter/Donna

05 COMPLAIN thanks to np1107

05 COMPLAIN thanks to jonerzz

05 COMPLAIN thanks to smileylanie

05 COMPLAIN thanks to googoofan1

06 MKOP thanks to 8throwcenter/Donna

06 MKOP thanks to np1107

06 MKOP thanks to jonerzz

06 MKOP thanks to smileylanie

06 MKOP thanks to googoofan1

07 ELEVATOR thanks to 8throwcenter/Donna

07 ELEVATOR thanks to jonerzz

07 ELEVATOR thanks to ArchieFan42192

07 ELEVATOR thanks to U2yahoo12

07 ELEVATOR thanks to googoofan1

08 SBM thanks to 8throwcenter/Donna

08 SBM thanks to np1107

08 SBM thanks to jonerzz

08 SBM thanks to googoofan1

09 HEAVEN thanks to 8throwcenter/Donna

09 HEAVEN thanks to np1107

09 HEAVEN thanks to jonerzz

09 HEAVEN thanks to ArchieFan42192

10 CRUSH thanks to googoofan1

11 MCTOT/ATB thanks to jonerzz

11 MCTOT/ATB thanks to googoofan1


DA High 5-ing the line post concert thanks to YouCanCallMetina

DA & Band @ Joe’s Real BBQ



Well, I did warn ya…

~ JR