56845850The tour dates are out, the publicity machine is shifting into high gear, and the teen gossip mags are wondering what they did in a past life to deserve such a teen-dream pairing.

Dami, Double D, Lovchuleta — whatever you call this David Archuleta/Demi Lovato Tour, tickets go on sale this Saturday.

Are you pro or con? Undecided? Still holding out for Carnegie or Massey Hall? Here’s how the TDC cleaning staff weigh in on the subject.


I am fine with it. I am fine with whatever he is doing. He is no pushover. He sets his own standard, his own high bar of achievement. — kizzi


David opening for anyone other than someone like John Mayer or Jason Mraz is just disappointing. That he should be opening for Demi Lovato, a young Disney-rocker doesn’t make any sense to me. Why isn’t she opening for him? There are the career implications to worry about, but I’m more worried about the fan implications – meaning me. What the heck do I have to endure to hear David sing? I wasn’t a big fan of the other nine performers at the AI tour last summer, but it was worth the wait for David’s short set. At a Jingle Ball show last December, I gamely, or should it be grimly, sat through Boys Like Girls and Katy Perry waiting for David’s turn. Then finally the solo tour was announced. At last! It was heaven this past March to see David, and just David, sing a whole evening in a smaller venue. There was only a quick half hour of what’s-her-name and then the whole show was just David. Pure bliss. But now that he is rapidly gaining popularity, when will that precious opportunity come again? Yes, I will go to a Demi/David duo, but here’s the good news: I’m giving myself permission to leave after David is done. — davidfanLIZ


Opening for Lovato isn’t as cringe-worthy as Miley or the JoBros. But, on the other hand, Demi opened for the Jonas Brothers last year, so David’s opening for a Disney opener… ouch. I’d prefer he either continue to do small solo venues and slowly build buzz or tour with someone whose fan base is as wide as his (Natasha Bedingfield, maybe), but clearly Jive (and Disney?) have other plans. I was excited for the tour when Lovato announced in her online fan chat that there would be Canadian dates. But not so much now that they never materialized. (Either she’s holding out on us or she flunked her geography final.) — TOfan


Although I would prefer that David have a chance to open for a performer more seasoned and with a more mature audience, that isn’t in the cards yet. David is 18 and enjoys being around performers his own age as he has said many times. What could be more fun for David? Sometimes I think we want him to grow up too fast, to reach his potential in a heartbeat. For now, I think this is a chance for David to have some youthful fun, something he’s been hard-pressed to have time for in the last year and a half. Do you remember the summer you were 18? Party on, David! — Marlie7

Two more cents

Good or bad always depends on your point of view and your overall goals. This tour? Exposure: excellent. Big tour experience: excellent. Cultivating a youthful audience: excellent. Networking with the young “in” Disney package artists: excellent. Providing revenue to Jive: excellent. Experience with the big music world machine: excellent. Maintaining wholesome image: excellent. Promoting new children’s clothing line at “Justice”: excellent. Developing credibility as a serious artist among the older audience: poor.

Do I love it? Me, a card carrying member of the Springsteen Party? Am I looking forward to paying $90 for 10 songs to be endured with a wonder wall of screaming kids? No. But I am not his target audience right now. How much evidence is needed before the obvious can no longer be denied? He is cultivating a teen idol image. A truly talented and respected teen idol image, but a teen idol image nonetheless. iCarly, Hannah Montana, a children’s clothing line, preteen magazines, relationship with Build-a-Bear, touring with a major Disney up-and-comer. Say what you will, that ship sailed long ago. Get over it. He will enjoy this experience… he’s a teen pop star for goodness sake. He’s not biting the heads off of bats.

This tour provides him with another opportunity to gain invaluable experience with a powerful and well oiled machine. Artistic credibility? Not so much, but the voice will still soar. And I believe that David Archuleta is an artist whose talent and charisma will enable him to outlive his reputation as a teen idol and establish himself as a serious artist à la Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Johnny Depp, Jodi Foster. If Ozzy Osbourne can rehabilitate himself, anyone can. It can be done. It has been done. He will do it if he wants to. He will want to. We will still be here. We know it. He knows it. And TPTB know it. — happy

I’ve already given up

…And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’ve never doubted that David can and will, in the end, survive virtually anything the music industry decides to throw at him. David will prevail. For those of us who have been around a little longer (ahem), it’s hard not to focus on the immense potential we see in David, rather than on the incremental steps needed to reach that potential. I admit to being one of those who wants to see David doing what he is so obviously capable of sooner rather than later, and to not “waste” his time on things like, oh, opening for performers who can’t touch him with a ten-foot pole and who have audiences that don’t help his market cred in the slightest.

And yet, I am content. I am content with the knowledge that David is extremely methodical, and that having the opportunity to be in lower-visibility venues and markets might, at this stage, be more comfortable for him than stepping out in front of an audience of, say, Jason Mraz fans. I am content with the knowledge — when I remember to remind myself — that David is still so ridiculously young. I heard a radio interview recently with an up-and-coming comedian and comedy writer who claimed to be “still finding his personality” and “just getting to the age where” he feels like he has something to say. He’s 26.

And, I am content to trust the Archuletor. Even when he must capitulate to the decisions of others to whom he is contractually bound. –Rascal