Whenever the Teen Choice Awards season turns our corner, Archies rejoice because it gives us hope to see David on TV or walk the red carpet. Except of course for this last couple of years.

But the 2013 TCA show offered a nice surprise. Ashton Kutcher, recipient of TCA’s Ultimate Choice Award, delivered a heartfelt and strong message to the youth. He advised the largely-teen & tween audience about three things he’d learned growing up and getting into the industry — 1st, that “opportunity looks a lot like work”. 2nd, that the “sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart”. And third, to “build a life,” not just to live one. This, from a guy who has risen to stardom mostly as an airhead hunk. But despite the shallow objectification of Kutcher’s movie roles, he actually strikes me as someone deep.

The sexiest thing in the entire world… is being really smart. And being thoughtful. And being generous. Everything else is crap! I promise you! It’s just crap that people try to sell to you to make you feel like less. So don’t buy it! Be smart. Be thoughtful. And be generous.

Given the slew of media coverage on young famous people acting like anything but role models, this message deserves to be highlighted.

What’s more, I celebrate it! David Archuleta comes to mind with Kutcher’s message.


The Smart & Thoughtful David


To this day, am still amazed and thankful of the thoughtful planning and preparation that David and his team committed to prior to his mission. David not only made sure that his fans would have something of him during his 2-year absence. TheArchuletor reached for relevancy by addressing his audience with his timed-release gifts.

And that’s being smart.

Sometime in 2008, Rascal commented on Dean Kaelin’s ebook which I think encapsulates the foregoing:

The David Archuleta we meet in these pages is to a certain extent familiar–the gentle nature, the humility and integrity–but there is also a David we could only ever surmise by the results we would see on the stage each week: the determined and careful craftsman, the analyst and planner, and yes, even the strategist. Even with a gift of talent as abundant as David’s, accomplishment and success in the real world does not come without enormous sacrifice and dedication. David may be a sweet and tender soul, but he is also a beast of a hard worker.


The Generous David



For celebrities, time is a luxury. Yet in David’s case, it is readily available gift that he shares with those in need. Generous with his time, heart and talent, there are hundreds of stories and accounts shared through the Archu-years but the story below, as shared by @gemzone, is one of my favorites.

So I was working in Cottonwood Heights in Salt Lake County and a new client told me that her daughters took voice from Dean Kaelin. Their lessons were always right after Davids. She said that they would get there early just to listen to him. All this before Idol. Anyway one day they had to wait a little longer because David had been late to his lesson. Dean told them that David had been a half hour late. Said he came running in apologizing for being late. But he (David) had been out for a run and as he was running saw an older women out weeding all by herself and felt like he should stop and help her. Said he didn’t want her to have to do it all by herself. So he helped weed until it was all weeded. So that was why he was late. She (my new client) said that Dean told David it was OK because he just proved to be the better man because of his character.


Taking Opportunities; Building a Life

Showbiz is not normally the place to look for role models. But once in a while, it keeps a gem like David whose sparkle inspires and moves people in ways exceeding even his own imagination.

He does this by being JustDavid. Yet, he also goes beyond his comfort zone to take opportunities available. By doing so, our David is building his life, not just living it.

Ashton, unknowingly could have been talking of our David with his acceptance speech. Thanks Ashton/Chris for a wonderful speech.

Thanks David for allowing us to witness the opportunities you work hard for, for building a life and for being “always sexy”. May your tribe increase!

~ JR
ps: This is not the 1st Kutcher-Archuleta connection. The 1st time was during AIS7, caught in his interview with 97.1 ZHT during his UT homecoming. The DJ plays an audio of Ashton talking about David. It starts at 1:00 mark