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Falling Stars

Upon first listen, I was impressed by Falling Stars. The pop, rock, and alternative songs that precede it surround his voice with instrumentation and don’t allow him to evoke that intimacy we know David is unmatched in conveying. For the first time on The Other Side of Down, we hear that unique, pure timbre in his voice, simultaneously sharp and round, as he sings the first verse. Although David’s strength is with the ballad and evoking pathos, this was not a standout for me on the album. On an album that has as one of its strengths that it reflects David thoughts through its lyrics, this song does not succeed in that regard, largely and most obviously because it is one of the two songs (the other being Complain) that was not co-penned by David. I view this song in much the same way I viewed You Can from David’s freshman effort: while very pretty, it is about an experience of romantic love that David has not yet had. To the subjective mind of this author, this is more “a song for David to sing,” than it is “David’s song.” Certain lyrics (“You are so beautiful”) strike me as overly conventional, and a bit lacking of the witty, sideways manner we know David is capable of. (And when he chooses to be conventional, as in Things Are Gonna Get...

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Being a fan during the TOSOD Era© is a different animal now than it was during American Idol. While on AI, the unique quality of David’s voice hit you like a mallet, but in David’s pop offerings we find that his voice becomes more like an ingredient instead of the main course. But David’s much more extensive involvement in the crafting of TOSOD means that we can see what is uniquely “David” in the songs themselves. Elevator Contrary to what seems to be a prevailing opinion on these boards, I would like to come out and admit that Elevator is one of my FAVORITE songs on the album. True to David’s philosophy that this album will reveal more quirky and fun side, Elevator is a unique burst of creativity that bakes a sing-song pop ditty out of a dough of spaciness and confusion. Who da thunk? The melody goes up and down like a carnival balloon. The rhythm of the notes is infectious. The lyrics paint vivid mind pictures and meld wonderfully with the melody. It’s clear that one way David deals with the ups and downs of his life is to step back from it all and whistle a happy tune, and a catchy one at that. Mike’s rhythmic guitar hook sets the mood from the beginning, at a somewhat hasty tempo. (I especially the love the guitar...

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Beginning of an Era

Two years ago today, on August 1, 2008, a fella we have come to admire named David Archuleta sat, a bundle of nerves, to hear the world premiere of his first song, Crush. Millions of New Yorkers (and thousands of fans glued to their computers) heard David on the radio for the very first time, and his official career as a recording artist began at the ripe old age of seventeen At a loss for words, David said his hope was simply that fans “like it, that they enjoy listening to it.” Little did he know that Crush would premiere at #2 on the Hot 100 and go double platinum, and that his album would go gold. And little did he know that this date marked the beginning of an era in which David would make an indelible impact on an industry. Already today, after just two years (not a long time, but what must feel like several lifetimes of experience to him), David has come to meet success, validation, and greater confidence and maturity. He has grown quite a bit since that day in 2008, but looking back at this moment we still see the same humble, generous guy we’ve grown to love. So it’s time to re-watch an oldie but goodie and reflect on how far David has come. Were you a fan when this happened? And...

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Something ‘Bout Love

NEW: FULL-LENGTH VERSION AT DAVIDARCHULETA.COM! Oh. My. Gosh. It’s here. David has just sent out a message via Twitter and to those who get his text-message updates, that a preview of his next single can now be heard at his hotline, (801) 386-8196. It’s hard to pass final judgment when the audio is so poor, but if first impressions are any indication, the song sounds like it can be a hit and that it will satisfy the fans. It’s got an upbeat pop vibe, it’s catchy, David’s vocals are front and center, and it has a nearly Zero Gravity-like energy. Most of all, something about David’s vocal communicates the full feeling of joy mixed with pain that love brings: “Something ’bout love just breaks your heart… woah oh oh oh….” NEW! High-quality 30-second snippet at FMQB: 30-second clip Give it a listen: Here’s a link to good-quality MP3, captured by MJ’s Big Blog. Given that this preview is only a taste of the fully-mastered studio version in all its glory, this has gotten me not only salivating but also bouncing off the walls in a frenzy. So… WHAT DO YOU THINK?...

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What’s on the menu?

David, who usually expresses uncertainty when talking to fans about his upcoming music, is overcome with excitement in his target=”_blank”>latest video blog when talking about his upcoming album: I just can’t wait for you guys to hear these songs! … I feel you guys will really get to feel me in these songs because I’m… a part of the writing, and so part of my ideas and just how I feel are in these songs. Aside from the involuntary joy one feels while viewing a David video blog, one can’t help but feel enormous anticipation with this one as well. For David—who is a perfectionist in many things and admires the musical greats of the past—to feel a sense of accomplishment and joy in sharing his own musical production can only bode well for the quality of his second pop venture. David’s unique choices in selecting and styling his songs reveal an impeccable musical instinct. How many frikkin songs has David written already? It seems like it’s almost every day we receive a tweet announcing a new song that David helped write. David’s first album was largely written for him, and recorded in hasty sessions at different stops over the course of the 2008 Idol Tour. David had very little time and/or experience to “find his voice” in the decision-making process regarding the larger choices for the album. Now,...

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Imagining David

The recent discussion surrounding David’s own personal Twittergate has brought to the surface, yet again, the political differences that lie among David’s fans. This debate has prompted heated exchanges and caused hurt feelings. As crazy as it sounds, that only means that David must be doing his job. In the course of David’s young, incipient career, he has accomplished the highly unusual feat of bringing together people from a wide variety of backgrounds and viewpoints under a single umbrella. His enigmatic appeal draws in young and old, socially conservative and liberal, men and women, straight and gay, and people from different cultural backgrounds and nations. Many of us were struck by David’s performance of “Imagine” on American Idol, and felt his hope for a better world. But what was that world we imagined? It was a world “without religion.” Or a world with religion. Or a world of peace and cooperation. Or a world without the injustices that divide us. Or a world that upholds principles and morals. Or a world that embraces change and diversity. In a word: a million-and-one things. A song is not a conduit to a spiritual world that lies outside of this one: it is a call upon our imagination. It is a channel—in David’s hands a powerful, direct channel—to thoughts and emotions we otherwise could not access.  When David sings a song such...

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