Author: TOfan

Theater of the Absurd

I think it was the email from the Demi Lovato fan club that did it. “Hey, Demi Lovato fan!” it started innocently enough. “We wanted to let you know your fan club welcome packages have been ordered! They will include a Demi...

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Songs in the Key of David- 10

I’ve always loved this song, but hadn’t heard it since B.D. (before David). So when it came on the radio the other day, I immediately superimposed every phrase with David’s voice. The soulful yearning, the swells, slow build and...

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Great Expectations

“Fame, celebrity – it’s not such a big deal in Europe. People seem to understand that you just have a weird job. They’re not running after you, trying to carve chunks out of you. It’s strange in the...

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