It’s time for a Patty Day lim’rick,
‘Cos Dave’s album, now that I think of it,
Is months down the road—
I’m writing an ode
To help pass the time cos I’m sick of it.

This Archudrought simply can’t stand,
No new Archumusic, no band.
And singing for Haiti
‘s not the same, baby,
Your album’s now wot I demand.

You’re writing in Nashville, that’s fine,
Your muse will soon come in due time,
But don’t wait too long,
I don’t care if your song
Is cheesy—for sure it’s sublime.

Your book I will buy, dontcha know,
But waitin’ till June? That’s too slow.
And singin “No Air,”
After weeks, that’s not fair,
Must hear you more frequently, bro.

I’ve now grown way beyond bitter:
Although it’s nice havin’ me Twitter,
It’s not the same thing,
Much rather you’d sing
‘Bout having to change your cat litter.

So wot if I come off too rude?
I’ve lost me once angelic mood,
So “Hey and ho ho,
This delay’s got to go!”
This Angel’s got new attitude.

I’ve worn out me copy of “Crush”—
Although it still gives me a rush,
I’d much rather hold
An album of gold
In me hands, is that asking too much?

A new delay of your album, I fear it,
So in the name of Ole Patty’s spirit,
I’m plucking me clover,
Wishing luck holds me over,
Awaitin’ the day I can hear it.