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*Tour reflections- Angelica’s reflection


Beaumont, Not a Bad Place to Be

I’m back from Beaumont. I have spent the better part of two days sleeping off the effects. First, let me just say that at the two AI concerts I attended, I had to use binoculars. For the Tulsa show, I was actually in the nose bleed section. But Beaumont, Beaumont, Beaumont! It was so intimate, and David was thrilled to have it that way. He feeds off the energy of his fans, and the closer they are, the stronger the connection. Anyway, by some act of God, I found myself front row against the railing and center stage!!!!!!! When Lesley Roy’s set was done, they cleared the stage and placed David’s mic stand right in front of me and so close I could have easily reached out and grasped it in my hand. Then they put his keyboard next to that, and it was so close I could have laid my hand on it. I was thankful to have the railing to hold onto while all this was taking place. Someone taped down his list of songs on the floor next to the mic so close I could read it. YEDL was scribbled in after the medley! My favorite song on the album!
So cue the intro and here he comes with the biggest grin singing TMH. I was suddenly seized with a terror of reaching out my hand for fear he wouldn’t touch it. Isn’t that pathetic? But I tentatively raised my hand and he grasped it so firmly and squeezed so hard! I reflexively and joyously squeezed his right back.
What else can I say? His voice up close and live was such an intensely beautiful, uplifting, exhilarating experience. I could witness on his face every nuance of emotion he put into each song and it was utterly glorious to behold. How can anyone be that breathtakingly gorgeous? Up close, the Phenom is almost TMTH. He was sweating so much that at one point when he was at the keyboard, back lit by the stage lights, the sweat was pouring off him in an unremitting shower of glittering rain. When it was over, I tried to walk away and stumbled into a man in the crowd. I apologized and tried to walk again, but staggered and had to stop a minute and then take baby steps to get my equilibrium back. Never has a performance…a performer, affected me in such a powerful way. He is like a drug. He is a magical, euphoria inducing, intensely mood-enhancing, high. Like I said at the start, I have spent two days sleeping it off. What remains is a case of ODD that has escalated to epic proportions.
That’s not a bad place to be.


Touch My Hand (thanks to mercymg)

Touch My Hand & Barriers (thanks to kimtaylor202)

Barriers (thanks to xamourdemusique)

Barriers (thanks to perrykira)

ALTNOY (thanks to mercymg)

ALTNOY (thanks to perrykia)

Somebody Out There (thanks to xamourdemusique)

Somebody Out There (thanks to perrykira)

Somebody Out There (thanks to kimtaylor202)

My Hands (thanks to kimtaylor202)

Works For Me (thanks to xamourdemusique)

Works For Me (thanks to perrykira)

Works For Me & Waiting For Yesterday (thanks to kimtaylor202)

Your Eyes Don’t Lie (thanks to xamourdemusique)

Your Eyes Don’t Lie (thanks to perrykira)

Your Eyes Don’t Lie (thanks to kimtaylor202)

Full Medley (thanks to tejasterror)

Full Medley (thanks to southerngirl)

To Be With You – front row (thanks to hazeleyd1)

To Be With You (thanks to perrykia)

Don’t Let Go (thanks to kimtaylor202)

Zero Gravity (thanks to mercymg)

Zero Gravity (thanks to feather4Archuleta)

You Can (thanks to mercymag)

You Can (thanks to feather4Archuleta)

Crush (thanks to mercymag)

Crush (thanks to kimtaylor202)

Crush & ATM (thanks to duskette1)

ATM (thanks to lorrena)

Angels (thanks to kimtaylor202)

Angels – front row (thanks to hazeleyd1)

The Whole Beaumont Concert in 6 videos! Thanks to DUSKETTE1(Entire Concert in 6 videos – some are clips or partials)

Part 1

Part 2

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Part 6

Video Photo Montage (thanks to Duskette1)