I was struck by this image from MJ’s Blog of David arriving at radio station MIx 98.5 in Boston this week.

Although we all know that David is the least likely artist in history to allow success and fame to go to his head, it is nevertheless natural to expect that he will become accustomed to it, and even come to appreciate the experience. His comfort in his new role as a public figure has certainly been evolving since the summer tour, when his generosity of spirit was so much in evidence by the dedication he showed to his fans. But until this image, I had never seen any glimpse of what might be characterized as David the star.

I don’t mean to suggest that there is a self aggrandizing aspect to this. David would no more think of himself as a star than he would the president of the United States. But there is a dimension of confidence in this image of him that is unmistakable. And new. And very exciting. To think of what he would have looked like less than a year ago arriving at an event full of strangers with expectations–adorable but a little tentative, happy but a bit bemused–the level of poise and self-posession in evidence here is quite remarkable. He even appears to be the calm strength in the middle of the chaos.

Folks, David the star is emerging.