On 25 August 2012, Ivory Records, AstroPlus and Archuleta Philippines cooked up a BEGIN. Album Launch that any ODD-stricken Archie would have loved to feast on!

Held on a spanking new AstroVision store at Robinson’s Magnolia, I arrived early to meet the other organizers and let me tell you: from the AstroVision staff to the handful of early bird Archies I spied on, the atmosphere was expectant, exciting and giddy 🙂

Who can help it when from the Level 3 escalator, you immediately come face to face with these images —


Prepping for the Event

The shrieks and ever-escalating spazzing as the Arch Angels arrived, while AstroVision continuously played David’s music, was the best antidote for a sleep-deprived Archie, right @kricket_rc234?

Always, it’s like a family reunion except that it is not blood that holds us together. It is the love – no make that passion – running our veins for an uber-talented, thoughtful, generous and “I -look-weird-he-claims-but-is-actually-a-mighty-fiiiiiine” guy from Utah.

Cos am sure some would take us weird making a big deal of an album launch when the artist is actually in absentia and will continue to be for about 1.5 years more.

But, when the Filipino Arch Angels have their local record distributor and music outlets similarly gung-ho over our David,then we have a match made in heaven [ excuse the pun 😉 ].

Was excited to open the box of DA merchandise that Kricket sent from Davao. But I had to wait for Lorma. So as soon as she arrived, we finalized the distribution of prizes based on what we have. Then off we go to fix the table display with the scrumptious give-aways lovingly prepared by Kricket of Archuleta Philippines.

Ivory & AstroVision reps were happy to see the items that they decided to add the David standees to the raffle draw!

Some of the Early Bird Archies!

Then in the middle of the festivities, Che-che arrived bearing more gifts from @nareejo, completing the Archulove spread for that day 🙂


The Program BEGIN.s

It was actually a very simple event. Lots of raffles for those who attended; a David-BEGIN. Quiz; more raffles for those who purchased on-site; special awarding (a) Early Bird and (b)Winners of the twin promo of Archuleta Philippines for Forevermore CD and Nandito Ako and CD-gifting for those who pre-ordered & promoted the launch

Originally, a karaoke session was planned but we could not push-through with it cos a local artist was having his own album launch with a short concert, just one level below us. Now we dare not compete with a professional, LOL!

Lorma started with the Opening Remarks.

Thanks to Jenna A for the photo

To get things rolling, 1st up was the gifting of the Early Bird Award for the Archie who was the 1st to visit the store and/or purchase BEGIN. on-site. That award went to Carla Charisse. The prize: DA BEGIN. wall clock. Quite fitting, right?

Carla Charisee a happy camper with her DA Wall Clock! Thanks to Lorma & Jenna for capturing the moment.

Up next was the Raffle of the BEGIN. Launch Souvenirs for those In Attendance. Prizes were:


  • 5 BEGIN. pins
  • 3 BEGIN. mousepads
  • 1 BEGIN. laminated calendar with David’s autographh
  • 2 BEGIN. mini-standees


Here are some of the winners of mouse pads & mini-standees. Thanks to Jenna A, for capturing the moment

Time for the main event – the DA-BEGIN. Quiz wherein everyone could not wait to participate!

Five (5) Archies answered the quiz perfectly! Prizes up for grabs —


  • 5th prize – Laminated DA Begin. calendar
  • 4th prize – Jen Barry’s DA calendar
  • 3rd prize – a framed MKOC photo taken by @nareejo
  • 2nd prize – a framed MKOC photo taken by @nareejo
  • 1st prize – Josh Bradley shirt from the emotional cemetery scene in Nandito Ako


But before we gave out the prizes for 5 lucky winners, we tackled the Raffle of BEGIN. Launch Souvenirs for those who Purchased CDs on-Site. Trust that a free poster from AstroVision and AP’s contest rule of getting more chances with the raffle if an Archie buys on-site would enjoin Archies to buy more CDs — and these are fans who have pre-prdered already! Prizes at-stake were:


  • 5 BEGIN. pins
  • 3 BEGIN. mousepads
  • 1 BEGIN. high-res, blown-up David pix from his photoshoot
  • 2 BEGIN. mini-standees


TIN, winner of the hi-res DA photo which she carried proudly while window shopping in the mall post-launch! Thanks to Lorma & Jenna A for this photo

And here is the pic, occupying a special place in TIN’s bed side table 🙂

We also took the opportunity to award the winners of Archuleta Philippines’ twin promo a couple of months ago. Prizes were:


  • Forevermore CD Promo – 1 Brown-green button-down polo from Nandito Ako when Josh visited Anya
  • Nandito Ako Promo – 1 Dark-blue shirt from Nandito Ako when Josh playied the piano/guitar


Oh to be near those articles actually worn by TheArchuletor, DANG lucky Che-che & Megan! Thanks to TV5 for generously entrusting them to Archuleta Philippines


Good Things Come to Those [Quiz Wiz] Who Wait!

With the merch raffles & special awards all squared away, the awarding of the five quiz winners was determined – by raffle if course!

The 5 DA-BEGIN. Quiz Wiz Kids! Thanks to Lorma & Jenna A for capturing the moment


Special Note on the CD-Gifting

Using the random number generator, we determined the list of BEGIN. CD recipients from 496 entries of FB and twitter postings over mere days from the time the contest was announced! We actually awarded some of the BEGIN CDs to those who happened to be present during the launch.

But for the complete list of CD giftees/recipients, please watch out for the official announcement from Archuleta Philippines.

Meanwhile, the raffle for those who pre-ordered will have to be announced later as AstroPlus needed more time to gather the list of pre-orders nationwide.


Just a Click or a Pen and a Heartbeat Away

We concluded the program with a “Dear David” Session, to put in words how grateful we are for another wonderful, inspiring gift with his BEGIN. album. To think of the many ways David could have spent his pre-mission days with his family and loved ones, yet…

“I hope you know that I never wanted to leave you guys without music, and will continue when I get back.” – David Archuleta

A simple token of our gratitude to the artist of our choice 🙂 To e shipped to Kari soon!

Will post more pix later! Watch out for Archuleta Philippines’ official announcement for the full list of BEGIN. Launch winners 🙂
At the end of the program, all attendees (and even passersby!) got a pocket calendar, while all those who purchased from AstroVision that day, got a promo poster from AstroVision


A Big Round of Thanks!


  • To all Archies who joined us during the BEGIN. Launch @AstroVision, Robinson’s Magnolia. It is always fun sharing the Archulove!




  • To Jeff, Denise & Mark of Ivory & Ms. Yets of Astro + all Astro staff and Jerome of MyMusicStore – so supportive & understanding of fan needs and wishes!




  • HUGS to the Archie donors, AstroPlus & TV5 who made the BEGIN CD & DA merch gifting possible during @archuletaphils’ & Astroplus1′ BEGIN Launch 🙂




  • Special shout out to @kricket_rc234, AP head, who worked on the finer points of the BEGIN CD launch, despite being far away from enjoying its fruition. Love you to bits woman!
  • Last but not the least, thanks to @lorms, AP’s resident Batgirl, for for taking care of the DA-BEGIN. Quiz and for agreeing to emcee the program, even on short notice!
  • Before leaving, we thanked the Ivory & Astro peeps once again. They said: “We are very happy with the day’s outcome – activity- & sales-wise!”

    I think that is a great way to end our Archie Day and BEGIN. our next target — food! LOL

    ~ jackryan4DA


    ps1: And I miss my Archie partners in crime that afternoon – @nareejo, @maecy, @ascphil @KarissaCortez @netteKulet, @feeshda @FerjiPerj plus many more. They all had to work and could not make it to the launch. Well, I think we will soon be seeing each other cos the Archies demand: “Another GT please!”

    ps2: Take a look at those two huge standee in front of the AstroVision! I asked Ivory & Astro and they agreed to have them available to the fans come December! Woot-woot!

    ps3: A sample BEGIN. Launch loot posted by Rowwz

    Not a bad harvest, eh Rowwz?


    More Pix Posted @astroplus1 FB