WOO-HOO! Just love the title of the album cos it speaks volume of where he is and what he represents.

* David is just beginning with his new journey. Away from his celebrity status, he is embarking on probably the most important phase of his personal life.

* With David, it is always an opening. A door for more opportunities, more things to do, more people to get to know, more worlds to see, more fans to conquer, more things to understand, more music to create, more surprises to come! That’s why it is both exciting and challenging to be an Archie.

* Is it just a coincidence that he would call his 5th album BEGIN and release it on August — the same month when his professional recording career started with that perfectly crafted song CRUSH?

So let me end this with that fateful day on Z100, as David listens to his debut single…
David Archuleta @ Z100 NY Crush Premiere (01 Aug 2008)

David Archuleta @ Z100 BTS Crush Premiere (01 Aug 2008)