David Archuleta “Breaks the Silence” with Invisible Children in Nashville, TN

Join the 100,000 global citizens April 25th and “speak out without speaking” by remaining silent for 25 hours in recognition of the 25th year of Africa’s longest running war, and the victims who have gone unheard.

According to the International Entertainment News (IEN), “Invisible Children launched an ambitious national campaign earlier this year, ’25’, which ends this Monday, April 25th. With an appearance on an episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” ’25’ is on track to raise close to $1.5 million for projects aimed at protecting people affected by a 25-year-long war in central Africa.

The campaign has the pledged commitment of nearly 100,000 people across the U.S. to “speak out without speaking” and remain silent for 25 hours in recognition of the 25th year of Africa’s longest running war, and the victims who have gone unheard. Participants also pledged to raise money for Invisible Children’s work, with over $600,000 currently raised.

This nationwide movement gained the attention of Oprah Winfrey when she invited Invisible Children’s founders onto her iconic television program on April 20th. The appearance is the final segment in an episode highlighting film director Tom Shadyac. Oprah discussed the organization’s ability to activate the youth of America to “do more than just watch,” highlighting the innovative campaigning of ’25.’ “

How This All Started

IEN adds, “The ’25’ campaign, which launched mid-February, asks participants to commit to raising $25 for Invisible Children’s Protection Plan before their 25 hours of silence. The Protection Plan will build the region’s first rehabilitation center, implement an early warning security network, and support our international campaign to arrest Joseph Kony, rescue his child soldiers, and bring peace after 25 years of war.”


IEN recaps, “At the end of the pledged 25 hours of silence, participants will gather in 18 cities across the United States for “Break the Silence” — a multimedia event featuring exclusive videos and musical performances by local and national artists who have volunteered to collaborate with Invisible Children. Headlining groups include Rogue Wave, Peter Pisano of Peter Wolf Crier, Faces on Film, Plain White T’s, and American Idol’s David Archuleta.

A live video feed of select performances will allow participants who are not able to attend in person to connect with the thousands of others who will be simultaneously breaking the silence across the country.”

“To Speak Out without Speaking” Fits David to a T

David is a master of restraint. I find that in his music, David’s message is most resounding when his voice eases into that poignant note [think of “And I-iii-yah wanna be” of In this Moment] or slides into a most vulnerable line [remember the last line of Love Me Tender?]

And even if he is our most favorite ramblin’ man, I find it instructive to listen more to what David is NOT actually saying – e.g. VLOG about parting ways with Jive & Melinda.

Nuggets of wisdom abound from how he conducts himself. That’s why I find the strategy of this campaign so “David-like” 🙂

So, will you join David “speak out without speaking” and celebrate by “breaking the silence” this Monday?

– jackryan4DA

ps: For more information, or to find a city near you, visit www.invisiblechildren.com and help bring lasting peace and restoration to central Africa.