You will find here a variety of views and reviews of the Solo Tour final stop that will be posted throughout the day. Keep checking back!

E-Center, Friday, March 27, 2009.

from davidfanLIZ – I made lemonade out of rather lousy seats and enjoyed looking at the whole spectacle from afar. Can you picture looking down on 8000 people jumping to Zero Gravity? David was intense throughout the show and gave every song his all. He jumped and stomped and hunkered. He sang both My Hand and Your Eyes Don’t Lie, and I got to hear the whistling live for the first time! My first AI show had similar rooftop seats and I remembered back to those days when David was somewhat tentatively finding his footing on the stage. Tonight he completely filled that large arena with just David, with his voice, with his intensity, with his sweet charm. BTW you might have noticed that David wore an orange wristband tonight. The words on it say: David vs Goliath, CRUSH MS, Find the Cure. On the inside it says: Brett Hales. Brett and friends were selling these to raise money for MS research.

from kizzi ~ Joy & Power: Having attended the first solo tour concert at Virginia Beach and then the final for this tour at SLC, my overall sense is the quantum performance leap David has achieved in 32 days. And, I can no longer imagine where he will be in the coming years, heck, the coming months!

Tonight, his smile was in constant attendance and the overarching emotion was simply……Joy. He is a home boy. The love his hometown has for him washed over us non-homey’s in waves and we knew we were experiencing a rare relationship; and, that love continued to spill out over the walls and through the roof of the E-Center all evening. I think it will be most evident in the videos.

The power David infused into his voice this night was most spectacular. And, I’ve seen quite a few David performances. His voice took us to pure beauty and art and magic in EACH and EVERY song. “Somebody Out There” was absolutely the most perfect performance he has done with that song–the notes were strong or soft, drenched in poignant, heartfelt tenderness and longing. “Don’t Let Go” is very special to David and he is expressing, again, a yearning that just emerges from him with every note and shimmers into sight tantalizing us with glimpses of the depth and breadth of what he is expressing–a vulnerability and rawness that is completely compelling–we feel his emotion and if we fill in our personal “blank” with our own life experience, that song unlocks our own secrets, our own yearnings–so powerful.

Finally, the band has journeyed with David these last 32 days and they have progressed along with him. It seems to me that they have given him an artistic launching pad–an organic energy source–and he has given them the same. I believe the question isn’t “will David be successful?” I believe the question is “how successful does David want to be?

from vermeer – Watching David sing and talk, whether it is in a smaller setting like the Knitting Factory in Boise, or in an arena such as the E-Center, I still felt the overwhelming joy and love surging out of my body for him. You feel a connection, a strong connection. He beamed at the audience throughout the night at his home town crowd though it was made up of many people from all over the place as well. It is such a joy to feel his joy.

I’ll leave the review of the songs to others but I’ll say that there were new runs and tasty nuggets he added to various numbers as always and I noticed a new small kick move that he incorporated … now I’m already forgetting which song, but it made me chuckle with glee. Anything David does is heartwarming. He does it for his own experimenting and growth and for the audience. I so appreciate anything that he does as it shows dedication and supreme effort to improve his craft. Gotta LOVE this guy!!

Because this was his last show of his first solo tour, it wasn’t without some sad emotional moments that you sensed when he was introducing Crush. Crush signaled the end of the show and the end of the tour. When Liz and I were walking back to the car in the arena parking lot very late at night after enjoying some quiet moments in a nearby restaurant, we ran into Eli. The fact that this was the end of the tour sunk in even more was he said he won’t be seeing David after tonight, that is, until the band rejoins him for the UK tour.

On last note is I thoroughly enjoyed the two opening acts and will be YouTubing them to hear more

from awestruck: Reflections of the SLC Concert – My FIRST time to see David perform live.  Mood:  melancholy.  So, the highlights of my fragmented thoughts will best be served up in point form and not necessarily in chronological order.
–    I took advantage of other’s comments:  Enjoy the moment.  I was selfish and deliberately left my camera at home.  KUDOS to those who go to David’s concerts and provide video and photographs from their experience.
–    It surprises me that I don’t seem to have thoughts of the entire concert, as I know I focused entirely on David the whole time.
–   Overall, David was energetic, powerful, assured in his in between song banter, passionate, intense, and seemed to completely open himself up to the audience in front of him.  I could hear clearly every word he spoke and sang.  How his voice projected in an arena filled with screaming fans just blew me away.  I must say that for the most part the crowd was respectfully quiet while he was talking and singing (especially during the slow songs), but sure showed him love in between.
–    HIS SMILE – when he first came on and sang Touch My Hand was from ear to ear.  I did not know anyone could sing this way.  It was obvious he was glad to be home.  Numerous times he said how happy (sorry I can’t remember the exact word he used) he was to be home.
–    The connection he feels to the songs he had a part in is palpable.  His introduction to SOT was a heartfelt reminder to the audience that there IS someone out there for each of us, even if we don’t realize it.  WFM is one of my favorites, just because it seems to have so much meaning for David himself.  Of all his penned songs it is this one that seems to be directly related to himself.  Fun to see him perform it.  Don’t Let Go – not one that particularly stood out to me on the album – but AMAZING live. The final “don’t let goooooo” was spine chilling.
–    Zero Gravity deserves a point all by itself.  Nearly the entire audience was jumping up and down during the choruses, I did glance around during this one.  This song goes by sooo fast.  The energy he has while singing it is amazing.  This is the song that may make a breakthrough for David overseas, imo.
–    My Hands.  Loved, loved, loved the ending.
–    TBWY – tears.
–   You Can – my VBH (very brave hubby, who came with me) whispered in my ear that THIS was the song that he could not get out of his head one night and woke up to.
–    Como la Flor was sung with a different kind of passionate tone to my ears. To hear him sing in Spanish you would think it was his native tongue.  I would love it if David included a song/portion of a song a capella in every concert he does.
–    Don’t laugh now, I cried while he sang Crush.  He dedicated this song to the audience with such emotion in his voice that my emotions took over.
–    ANGELS.   I can’t express to you all how grateful I am that I got to hear David perform this live.  TEARS.  He told the crowd “I love you guys” at the end, then got up and bowed, waved and left…

So overwhelmingly amazingly cool to finally meet some of my online friends, I truly consider you that – you know who you all are, I don’t want to leave anyone out if I list names.  Curious how once I started writing this down it all seemed to come pouring out.  Sorry it’s so long.  I want to thank VBH for being there for me and with me.