“Only connect.”
— E.M. Forster, Howards End

“I liked how up close and personal it was. It felt kind of like a campfire thing. We were all like, ‘Gather ’round.’ I dunno. Just kidding.”
— David Archuleta, Arizona vlog

Connecting through song is one of David’s most sublime gifts. It’s as if, with each breath, he draws in our deepest hopes and fears and gives them voice.

We, in turn, feel every ache, burst of joy or pang of love because our true selves are laid bare in each note. But this is no surprise to anyone who’s listened to David sing Imagine, Somebody Out There — even Shop Around.

What is a surprise is how much stronger this connection between David and his audience has become on this tour.

A tour for which David selected small intimate venues so he could be “up close and personal” with each audience. So he could look into our eyes as he sang, touch our hands, touch our hearts.

It’s no coincidence so many of his songs mention hands — holding on, reaching out, not letting go. Making connections and fighting to keep them strong.

It’s this connection to us that is David’s greatest gift on stage — perhaps even greater than his Voice. The ability to make every single person in his audience feel he is singing directly to them. Because he is.

He pulls us right up on stage with him so we’re all sharing the experience together. We start singing along to My Hands, so he holds the mic out to us. We mirror his gestures to Barriers and crack him up. A soft voice quietly asks, “Sing in Spanish,” and he does. Not performing for us but with us. Connecting to our energy, our love, and we respond in kind.

A telling moment in each show is when David asks the audience if he can take a photo to remember his first solo tour. Cook did that too, on the Idol tour. But the difference here is, our David makes sure he’s in the picture with us.

We’re one, but we’re not the same
We get to
Carry each other
Carry each other