Note the erroneous–but so true!–AI status designation.

No, I’m not talking about thighs. It seems that Crush is trying to be a bigger hit than Jive wants it to be — at least at this point in time. I don’t claim to know all the mechanics of it, even chart-heads (David is one of them, as doubtless most of you know) can sometimes appear confused about how all this stuff is calculated and what the real situation is behind the numbers, but all indications are that Crush is taking on a life of its own, and faster than perhaps Jive wants it to, given that the album doesn’t drop until November.

So, despite the fact that airplay and spins appear to be increasing organically in many medium and smaller markets, and both Billboard and Radio & Records have now tagged Crush with “Hit Predictor” designations, the largest and most influential markets like Boston and New York have suddenly decreased plays. The theory now being advanced by observers familiar with pop music marketing is that Jive may well have requested a pull-back in order to time the peak to be closer to the album release.

Hey, you just can’t keep a good David down.