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It Might Get Loud

Let’s have a little fun, shall we? Let’s talk about David and some iconic musicians from days gone by, how about ….Bob Dylan? The voice and the voice? Dang, I tried that already and it didn’t go over big. OK, it’s a stretch....

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A Heartfelt Thank You

Today is the third anniversary of the death of my husband. It is with a grateful heart that my children and I spend this and every day. We are surrounded by God’s love and have been blessed by great healing. The journey out of...

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Play for the Long Haul

I am a life long Yankee fan. I bleed Yankee blue. Go Yanks!….(You are on the wrong blog happy, this is a David Archuleta blog….) OK, I’ll get right to the connection.  The Yankees have a closer by the name of...

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To Twitter or Not to Twitter

To Twitter or not to Twitter, that is the question. The revelation of David’s recent Twitter “follower” brought up an interesting discussion on TDC today, much of which is reprinted here. Happy, freo and TOfan weigh in below....

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Because That’s What He Does…

On a regular basis we ask ourselves, sometimes with a smile and sometimes with a tear, “How does he do this to me?” … an explanation is offered below, an explanation that speaks for David Archuleta. I couldn’t help but...

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